100 Thieves finalize new VALORANT roster

The 100 Thieves VALORANT roster has officially been revamped. The Los Angeles based organization released all their players besides Hiko in August, who vowed to get better performances out of a new lineup. The first pickup was Nitro, the former Team Liquid CS:GO star who retired to play VALORANT. Then, the team looked to another NA CS:GO legend in Steel in early September. But the team is now finalized with the pick up of Asuna and Dicey from Immortals.

This has created a very interesting VALORANT team that should be looked after. The 100 Thieves VALORANT roster now consists of 30-year-olds Hiko and Steel, 25-year-old Nitro, and now 17-year-olds Asuna and Dicey. The young talent has emerged in VALORANT, it seems, with a lot of players who are still minors being absolutely cracked.

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But one can only hope that this is the roster that works for 100 Thieves. The original roster signed in June failed pretty heavily. Hiko ran into many issues with his internet connection, keeping them from practicing and hurting their reliable playing time. But in tournaments, the team did not produce good results, never cracking the semi-finals at any event they played in.

In fact, the roster hasn’t played a match since August 9, where they fell to FaZe, knocking themselves out in the 13-16 place of the FaZe Clan Invitational. Hiko had control over picking up the first roster as captain of the team. They were invited to the T1xNSG Invitational event and still did not have a full team. According to an article by Tyler Erzberger of ESPN, the org scrambled and found the roster of Highgrounds, a top tier PUBG team that made their name in scrimming other VALORANT teams.

According to Erzberger, there was no bad blood, but the team just didn’t work out in performances. Now, former 100 Thieves roster separated, with Venerated going to Luminosity, Valliate and YaBoiDre going to Highgrounds while Pride has yet to sign anywhere.

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What is left is a wonderful roster of NA CS:GO royalty and young talent, the jury is out on how they will perform though.

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