100 Thieves Triumph at First NA Challengers Event of Stage 2

100 Thieves kick off Stage 2 of the VCT circuit with a strong victory versus XSET at the first NA Challengers event. Both teams, as well as Envy and Version1, have qualified for Challengers Finals, where they will fight for two spots at the Masters Reykjavik LAN.

Hailing from the upper bracket, the Thieves would be the ones to choose the first map of the series. The power-duo of Brendan ‘BcJ’ Jensen and Bryce ‘PureR’ Lovell would hold back the offensive from 100 Thieves, putting XSET in a prime position by the end of the first half.

However, the team would struggle to close out the map, blowing an 11-7 lead all the way to overtime, with the Thieves snatching Icebox 15-13.

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100 Thieves would carry on the momentum to Ascent, with Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk lightning up the server with Phoenix, ending the 8-4 half with 14 frags to his name.

XSET would find its pace on the offence, with 100 Thieves finding difficulties to adjust. The map would go all 24 rounds, but it would be the side of BcJ to take the win and tie up the series.

Split would be a brawl between both teams, with the game bouncing back-and-forth. The many anti-eco losses from XSET would doom their chances in the end, with 100 Thieves converting on this small advantage to a 13-10 finish.

100T was on series-point but XSET was heading into Haven, another one of its map picks. BcJ would once again pop off for his team, with XSET reaching the 7-1.

However, the side of Ethan ‘Ethan’ Arnold shifted the direction of the match with an eight-round streak. A massive play from BcJ would temporarily halt the momentum, but the Thieves couldn’t be held by long, clawing out a 13-11 victory that gave them not only the series but an important victory on the first NA Challengers Event of the VALORANT Champions Tour: Stage 2.

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