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2020 Worlds Top 20 – Part 1 | Gamezo

Worlds Top 20, featuring the top twenty players at Worlds. This is going to be Part 1, explaining our choices from the 20-16th position.

20 – SN huanfeng

20th on the list is going to be Suning’s ADC, huanfeng. His recent performance during Summer Playoffs is what convinced me to put him into the list: he’s consistent throughout the games, coming online later on into the game. He’s SN’s late-game “insurance” with great positioning & good mechanics. Having said that, he’s still a tier below other ADCs. It will be important to see Suning’s performance in the group stage as they might surprise G2 & reach 1st place in Groups.

19 – DWG BeryL

Next is going to be DWG’s support. By playing around top & mid, DAMWON sacrifices bot lane in order to gain leads in the solo lane. Despite that, the bot lane duo doesn’t fall behind as much as expected. This is mainly because BeryL & fellow ADC Ghost stand their own against basically anyone ( so far in the LCK ). He’s also the main Pantheon Support innovator: during the year, Pantheon had a 48% ban rate against DWG & a 90% win rate in 10 games he played. Definitely watch out for him…

Credits go to INVEN

18 – Gen.G Life

In 18th position, it will be another LCK Support. Life’s success usually is correlated to Gen.G’s marksman, Ruler. Playing with arguably the best ADC from the LCK, Life’s job might look easier. That’s actually not the case. Life’s main role is to either be the main engage tool or the main peeling for Ruler. His flexibility between the two roles is his strong point & not many players can achieve that consistently. Even though not many people consider him, I think he’s surely a top 3 support at Worlds.

17 – TES 369

TES’ big advantage is that everyone in the team has the ability to play damage heavy champions & carry with it. 369 is no exception. His champion pool during the Summer Split has revolved mainly around carry top laners ( like Renekton, Wukong, Jayce & Mordekaiser ) with remarkable success. The question arises around his tanky picks: his Ornn only had a 20% win rate out of 5 games and he only picked Sion & Maokai as other tanks. I have some doubts about his flexibility in terms of drafts since the team usually plays around two carries already. Will we see TES make changes or is 369 hiding his cards for Worlds?

16 – SN SofM

SofM has been a delightful surprise during the Summer Split. After Riot announced that Vietnam’s teams couldn’t participate in the tournament due to Covid-19, there’s going to be at least a Vietnamese player. Suning’s jungler was always considered as one the most talented players from Vietnam. He’s a very aggressive player, usually with early game champions like Lee Sin, Olaf & Jarvan IV. His success in the jungle matchup directly correlates to the team’s overall performance. When he’s on his a-game, he carries really hard but on the other hand, when he messes up, the team crumbles apart. In order to advance later on, SN will need to be more consistent. Though one thing is certain: he’s a top tier jungler, just a step below the best ones.

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