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2021 LCS Proving Grounds Teams and Schedules

2021 LCS Proving Grounds

The 2021 LCS Proving Grounds starts tomorrow, with 16 of North America’s best League of Legends team outside of the LCS fighting in a double-elimination bracket for $100,000.

All current LCS Academy teams will compete with six amateur teams that qualified through previous tournaments. The six teams competing against Academy rosters are as follows:

  • Barrage Esports
  • Dignitas Mirage
  • No Org
  • Zoos Gaming
  • Evil Geniuses Prodigies
  • Wildcard Gaming.
2021 LCS Proving Grounds
Credit: Riot Games

This double-elimination bracket will begin March 30th and will end on April 25 with the Championship Finals. The first few days will start with a best-of-three format and will transition to a best-of-five series on April 17 for the teams remaining.

The winner’s bracket best-of-fives will start at the semi-finals. The losers bracket best-of-five series will start in the gauntlet phase, once teams meet with the semi-final losers.

Riot will once again work alongside Nerd Street Gamers to operate the majority of the LCS Proving Grounds competitions. Riot will then run the last best-of-five competitions starting April 22, including the 2021 LCS Proving Grounds Championship on Sunday, April 25.

Few players in the North American amateur scene can relate to amassing success as Aidan “5fire” Reckamp has. Last week we sat down with him to discuss his career, 2021 LCS Proving Grounds and the future of the amateur League of Legends.

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