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2021 LCS Spring Split Week 2 Day 2 Results

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With the hopeful formalities surrounding the start of the 2021 LCS Spring Split finally out of the way, the time has come for teams to hit the ground running for the rest of the season in the second week to see where they currently stand in the league and how they can improve henceforth.

Were the results of last week a fluke or a harbinger of things to come for all teams involved? With the ensuing results, each side will find out soon enough.

Here is what happened on the second day of games in Week 2 of the 2021 LCS spring split.


  • FlyQuest > Counter Logic Gaming
  • Cloud9 > 100 Thieves
  • Team SoloMid > Team Liquid
  • Immortals > Evil Geniuses


FlyQuest opened the day by making light work of last-placed team Counter Logic Gaming to remain hovering in the mid-table of the LCS standings.

CLG went ahead with their first blood kill on jungler Brandon “Josedeodo” Villegas, that was the only semblance of an advantage they faced as FLY seized the game and ran away from it from then on. FLY’s eventual 20-6 kill score was capped off by mid-laner Palafox’s 9/2/4 KDA with Yone.

FLY’s top laner Eric “Licorice” Ritchie held a 6/0/3 KDA on Cho’Gath in addition to ADC Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen’s 3/0/10 on Miss Fortune.

CLG had scare moments of effectiveness such as when they poked on FLY’s support Diamond near the middle of the river, but they were unable to follow up with support in subsequent team fights with passive manoeuvring or inadequate scaling. This left the door open for FLY to effectively settle the match without needing to the Ocean Soul Dragon.

C9 vs 100T

Cloud9 handed 100 Thieves their first loss of the split as they bested them in an eventful 33-minute match.

In C9’s longest match of the split thus far, they burst out of the gate thanks to jungler Robert “Blaber” Huang and his Rek’Sai pick–which was the first time the champion was selected in the LCS this split after getting handicapped with five jungle bans in the draft–as he notched seven kills by the 15 minute mark while roaming for ganks, creating an early advantage for the team.

However, 100T mounted a comeback in the mid-game by making clever engages and winning subsequent team fights which helped them garner four drakes leading to Elder Cloud Dragon point.

But it was mid-laner Perkz and his Zoe that threaded the needle for C9 with his 8/2/12 outing that sealed the game and improved the team’s record to 4-1 and created a tie for first place.

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Dignitas took one step closer in their road to prominence in the LCS by dispatching Golden Guardians for their third win of the season. Contrary to the team from last summer which reached the same amount of wins by Week 6, this iteration reached this point at the hands of jungler Dardoch and his 6/1/6 KDA with Kindred–continuing the player’s trend of selecting a new champion for each game of the season.

His play proved the key factor in deciding fights between the two fights with his ultimate creating enough time for the rest of his team to arrive as reinforcements and overwhelm GG’s initial ambush. Such a case was made in the 15:30 mark of the match near the Baron pit. 

In addition to Dardoch, mid-laner Max “Soligo” Soong went 3/1/9 with Twisted Fate, continuing his positive form fresh off of beating Immortals the day prior. The bot lane duo of ADC Toàn “Neo” Trần and support Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black continues to turn heads for the better as they finished with a combined KDA of 4/1/25 using the Aphelios and Thresh combo.


Pre-game memes can’t thwart upset dreams. That was the theme for Team SoloMid’s victory over Team Liquid in the fourth game of the day.

Hampered by an underwhelming string of games from TSM’s support Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh which were marred by his uncoordinated plays with lane partner Lawrence “Lost” Hui, the Taiwanese import was subject to trash talk from TL’s own support and reigning MVP Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-In, poking fun at his name by comparing his time with Flash Wolves and Suning to right now in NA. Unnerving as it was to get hurled with jokes, SwordArt took it in stride and responded to CoreJJ’s banter in kind as he knew synergizing with the team took time to come into fruition, which eventually came true by the end of this game.

Powered by a strong early game which was headed by mid-laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage and his Azir, TSM came out on top thanks to his 6/0/3 KDA and quadra-kill at the 15-minute mark of the match. Lost finished on 2/0/7 with Kai’Sa along with SwordArt’s 0/2/6 with Pantheon. They overwhelmed TL’s usual early-game dominance by taking advantage of the rival’s overextension in their pushing of side lanes and killing them promptly.

Altogether, TSM conceded just one tower, three deaths, and a cloud drake in their win over TL, which created a tie in the mid-table of the standings at a 3-2 record.

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Immortals defeated Evil Geniuses in immense fashion to close out the day and earn their second win of the regular season.

To understand the scope of IMT’s superiority over EG in this game, one must first look at the jungle position where Xerxe bested his counterpart Svenskeren with a 60-plus CS farm difference and a 7/0/10 perfect KDA line (Svenskeren finished with 0/4/3). The Romanian jungler and his Lilia was the chief propagator for IMT as he appeared in almost every fight the team participated in, hitting EG with the champion’s ultimate to stun them for his teammates. 

He was complemented by top-laner Revenge and his Camille with his 4/1/11 line and mid-laner Insanity and his 7/2/7 with Tristana.

The LCS will conclude its second week of the spring split tomorrow starting at 1 p.m. PST/3 p.m. CST in the respective YouTube and Twitch channels with matchups featuring Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves, Immortals vs TSM, Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas, Cloud9 vs FlyQuest, and Golden Guardians vs Counter Logic Gaming.

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