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2021 LCS Spring Split Week 2 Day 3 Results

The second week of the 2021 LCS Spring Split came to a close today with indistinct separation being made among an array of evidently equal teams as the regular season neared its halfway mark.

With six games out of the way for each team, here is what the standings far as of now.

Here is what happened on the last day of Week 2 of the LCS spring split.


  • Team Liquid < 100 Thieves
  • Immortals < Team SoloMid
  • Evil Geniuses < Dignitas
  • Cloud9 > FlyQuest
  • Golden Guardians < Counter Logic Gaming

TL vs 100T

100 Thieves recovered from their loss to Cloud9 yesterday by defeating Team Liquid to finish Week 2 in possession of first place with a 5-1 record.

For TL, they lose their second straight game for the first time since Week 3 of the 2020 summer split and fall to 3-3.

The dynamic AD Carry known as Ian “FBI” Huang shone once again for 100T thanks to his Ezreal’s bursting damage build which contributed to settling fights with his resulting potent abilities.

100T first took control of the game by taking first blood with FBI killing support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-In on his Rell and reaching the Fire Soul point by the 17-minute mark. However, TL didn’t let 100T overtake them completely as they came back with a three-player killing spree created by Rell’s dreaded W+R ability combo while fighting for the Soul Drake.

But though TL equalled the issue as the match transitioned into the late-game, one more fight shifted the momentum back to 100T as an Ezreal triple kill initiated by Twisted Fate’s flash and ultimate forced Lilia to use Zhonya’s Hourglass, providing the necessary cushion to take Baron and push through the top lane for the nexus.

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Team SoloMid prevailed in wire-to-wire fashion as they defeated Immortals to finish the week with a 3-0 to go 4-2 for the season.

The reigning LCS champions sealed their fourth straight win due to their bustling aggressive playstyle and individual play from ADC Lost with his Kai’Sa. The Australian native finished the game with an 8/0/3 KDA alongside his partner “SwordArt” ‘s 1/1/7 with Pantheon. Mid-laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage, the eventual LCS Player of the Week, went 2/2/6 while handling Viktor duty.

The match started in TSM’s favour with a first-minute gank in the bot lane on IMT’s Raes as three players with a greater level surrounded him while he was stuck in level one, creating an advantage they would never give up. Their early-game, a thorn in their side initially in the season, blossomed as their gradual achievement of objectives over IMT walloped their lead to an unreachable level.

IMT found some breaths of life with a precise Shockwave ultimate by Orianna on two TSM players, but their mistakes in other moments such as four members waiting to pick off Shen for a minute and not supporting Alistar’s ultimate in the fight for Ocean Soul outweighed the benefits, which facilitated their defeat.


Another game, another different champion for jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett, and another victory for Dignitas.

Thanks to Dardoch’s 4/3/7 performance with Kayn–a champion he never played in the regular season of any LCS split prior to the game–Dignitas defeated Evil Geniuses to continue their impressive turnaround off a disappointing Lock-In tournament.

Additionally, mid-laner Max “Soligo” Soong’s exceptional manoeuvring with Zoe and 8/1/8 game allowed Dignitas to overcome a rocky start and take home the game for their favour.

DIG began with a deficit particularly in the top lane as Aaron “FakeGod” Lee was killed four times by EG’s top laner Jeong “Impact” Eon-young and jungler Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen by the 10-minute mark. Nevertheless, the team slowly inched back in the game with key victories in fights–not to mention avoiding multiple close calls in deaths by Tahm Kench devours and quick health regen abilities–that eventually propelled them to victory.

The game was settled when, after DIG secured their second drake at the 30-minute mark, Dardosh used the E+R combo on Kayn on Lucian from behind EG’s group to initiate what would become an ace for his team, finishing the week with a 4-2 record.

C9 vs FLY

Cloud9 brushed past FlyQuest in a sub-30 minute which included an unwarranted start, a prolonged stalemate, and a dynamic finish from its star-studded lineup.

Within that roster, top laner Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami, despite falling in CS, went 4/0/6 with Gragas. Meanwhile, jungler Robert “Blaber” Huang provided C9 with 3/0/9 and a match-best 14.7k damage on Taliyah whereas ADC Zven had 5/0/7 on Samira.

They began in a slow pace with FLY jungler Josedeodo capturing first blood after four minutes in mid lane on a retreating Tristana and an ignite kill done on Alistar in the bottom. The team would follow that up with the first three dragons to build a sizable gold lead though it was soon equalled by C9 repeatedly picking off Aatrox.

C9 then issued the exclamation mark of the point with their ace over FLY after the enemy team secured their third drake, allowing them to take baron and start their snowball push to the end.

Josedeodo flirted with a rally of his own for FLY, diving into the Baron pit for a smite steal in front of the entire C9 team, but it was denied for the Argentinian jungler which altogether finalized the encounter.

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Counter Logic Gaming bid farewell to the 0-18 memes as they defeated Golden Guardians to earn their first win of the spring split.

Despite receiving spicy smack talk from GG top laner Aiden “Niles” Tidwell a few hours before the game, CLG’s Finn “Finn” Wiestål wasn’t dissuaded as he shone with a 5/0/6 line against his counterpart after besting him in and out of lane during the match.

The match commenced in a sour taste for CLG as a pair of failed dives in the bottom lane killed ADC WildTurtle as many times, allowing GG’s support Newbie to be the team leader in kills for its majority. Despite the early setback, the CLG soldiered through as thanks to the top gap made by Finn, WildTurtle’s CS difference in the bot lane, and superior macro game, they pounded GG in the sub-30 minute timespan to stamp their maiden win of the split.

Thanks to this result, CLG and GG are both tied in the league at ninth with a 1-5 record as the spring split approaches the midway point.

Week 3 of the 2021 LCS Spring Split will commence on Friday, February 19 at 3 p.m. PST/5 p.m. CST with Counter Logic Gaming kicking off play against Cloud9. The games will be transmitted in the LCS’ YouTube and Twitch channels.

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