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The Start Date for the 2021 LEC Season Has Been Announced

The start date for the 2021 League of Legends European Championship (LEC) season has been announced. Barring any irregularities, the season is due to begin on January 22nd.

Multiple storylines were mentioned in a post made to promote the LEC’s return by the LoL Esports official website. Four-time reigning champions G2 Esports look to continue their historical stretch of dominance over the region after making a pair of seismic-shifting moves.

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Not looking to be dismayed by the exit of their legendary captain, Fnatic still boasts one of the best rosters in Europe and should be deemed as a viable force against G2’s might. Other organizations such as Rogue and MAD Lions look to continue building on their success of last year by taking the extra step of realistically competing for silverware.

One mustn’t forget about the rest of the pack, for they have revamped their respective rosters–some of them light and faint in movement; others outright and absolute for quick adjustment–as well to climb outside of the bottom of the standings for the taste of playoffs.

Though the LEC released the set date for the upcoming spring split, no details have been disclosed regarding whether teams will be allowed to compete in the LEC Studio situated in Berlin, Germany. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the LEC transitioned to offline play after suspending operations during the past year’s spring split. Competitive play would remain as such in Europe’s top league for the rest of the year.

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