Acend Score Major Upset Win at VCT: Masters 1 Europe

Ascending all the way from the lower bracket, Acend completes the dream run and take the trophy at VCT: Masters 1 Europe. Along the way, they overthrew teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas and FunPlus Phoenix, culminating in a 3-2 win that went all five maps against Team Heretics at the grand-finals.

A roster that was formed just two months ago will now claim the title of the best team in Europe, as they secure the first Masters event of the Riot Games official 2021 competitive circuit: VALORANT Champions Tour.

Coming into the Best-of-Five as clear favourites, Team Heretics drew first blood on their own map pick of Split, with a great performance on defence leading up to a clear-cut 13-7 result.

Acend would get back on the series in Bind. The sixth-man of Heretics, Ruben ‘RUBINO’ Villarroel, would come into the server as Sova but would struggle to one-up his counter-part on the other team, as Jose ‘koldamenta’ Aranguren used the same agent to carry Acend to a tough 13-9 victory.

For the third map of the series, Team Heretics took us to Haven. With Jett, the Turkish super-star of Acend, Mahmet ‘cNed’ İpek, would completely demobilize any attacks from the Heretics. However, Acend would struggle as they moved to the offensive side of the map, with cNed eventually losing the map to the forces of his compatriot Melih ‘pAura’ Karaduran.

Heretics had to secure just one more map to take the crown and continue their streak of victories at Riot sponsored events. As such, Icebox would be Acend’s last chance if they wanted to turn the tide and take it all the way to a fifth map.

And after a lengthy battle, Acend would take Icebox on Overtime, with a 14-12 score denying a massive effort from Heretics’s Žygimantas ‘nukkye’ Chmieliauskas. The Lithuanian put up 33 frags using Reyna but it just wasn’t enough to push Heretics through the line.

The series was all up for grabs in Ascent, but once again, cNed wouldn’t give Heretics an inch. A 9-3 half gave the momentum to Acend, with Heretics coming close to pushing it to overtime but eventually giving the underdogs the four rounds they craved to close out the Grand-Finals of the VCT: Masters 1 Europe with a 3-2 scoreline.

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