Act 3 Will Break Out a New Icy Map for VALORANT

‘Icebox’ will be the latest battleground for Riot’s competitive shooter, joining the quartet of Ascent, Bind, Haven and Split that has shipped with the game. With visuals comprising of the dichotomy between arctic tundra and metal containers, the main gameplay feature seems to be the addition of zip-lines, creating a frantic flow that will surely result in unique engagements and experience.

From what has been shown by the teaser trailer, the map seems to feature clear lanes and action packed choke points.

While the tactical shooter has increased its character pool since launch with the addition of the crowd-controller Killjoy, this marks the first time that a new map will be added to the game.

This addition seems to be in tone with the Riot’s goals for an increasingly competitive game, shipping along with changes to Ranked play. This move aims to encourage and nurture the expeditious growth of its esports scene, that has already displayed very positive numbers.

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With five maps on the pool, there is now an opportunity for a dynamic and tactical approach to map picks

All these changes will arrive with Episode 1 Act III, which kicks off on October 13th. This season will feature its own Premium pass, with an equal cost of 1,000 Valorant Points.

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