Aim Lab Creator Studio Launches Free Open Beta

Aim Lab Creator Studio

Aim Lab announced its latest update: Creator Studio, where you can create your very own obstacles and tasks. Aim Lab Creator Studio is going into an Open Beta and is available now to everyone for free!

Aim Lab is a well-known first-person and third-person shooting training program. Many pros and amateur plays have relied on the program to perfect various parts of their shooting game with accuracy and speed.

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Now, with Creator Studio, users can create and customize their space to fit their needs. From Counter-Strike terrains to VALORANT maps, this new addition can mimic your game’s specific design. It is currently at its Open Beta stage, therefore there is still a lot of freedom in creating and playing.

In addition, there is a community to share your tasks on Aim Lab’s Workshop to allow fellow users to play with your creation and vice versa. The Creator Studio can be found in the “Custom” section and tasks on its very own “Scenario” section. Aim Lab is very open to receiving feedback if bugs present itself. Also, community themed events will be held by Aim Lab with up to $1000 prizes up for grabs!

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The Creator Studio is available in Aim Lab which is downloadable for free on Steam on Windows PC. Will you be crafting your very own creations on Creator Studio?

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