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All Cyberware Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 finally released and brought a whole lot of weapons with it, so let’s talk about cyberware weapons in Cyberpunk.

What do they do?

Cyberware weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 are “cybernetic enhancements that V can implement on his body such as blades that come out from V’s elbows or the ability to shoot missiles from his forearms.” You can earn or buy these enhancements to then equip them on your character to modify your playstyle. In order to equip, move, and modify your cyberware you’ll need to visit a Ripp doctor, though you may need to reach a certain amount of Street Cred to unlock them. You may also be able to obtain both legal and illegal implants from them (but you didn’t hear that from me, if you know what I mean.)

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What are they?

Gorilla ArmsLegendary159-194 Damage
+65-80 Physical Damage
2.5 Attack Speed
+20% Bleeding Chance
ArasakaArms Cyberware
Mantis BladesRareAllows you to slice and dice your enemies with swift, deadly slashes.
Unlock the ability to leap towards a target and deal massive damage (hold and release left mouse button).
Deal Physical Damage, with inherently fast attack speed and combos, they can rapidly deal devastation damage, granting a higher chance to dismember the enemy. Very effective against individual targets.
ArasakaArms Cyberware
Monowire/NanowireRareUse it as a remote tool to hack, or as a sharp whip to inflict damage.
Deals Physical Damage.
Deals a high amount of concentrated damage and can instantly dismember an enemy with one quick attack.
KendachiArms Cyberware
Projectile Launch System???A missile launcher in the palm of your hand ArasakaArms Cyberware
Titanium BonesCommonIncreases carrying capacity by 20%???Skeleton Cyberware
Ballistic CoprocessorRareIncreases the chance to ricochet shots with Power Weapons.
Directly links the user’s optical implant to weapon’s system, offering real time data-tracking.
???Arms Cyberware

Well, that’s all the cyberware weapons in Cyberpunk that I could find so far, I’m sure that more will be found the longer the game is out, so check back in every once in a while for updates on cyberware weapons in Cyberpunk: 2077! Check out a render of the Mantis Blades below!

Mantis blade cyberweapon in Cyberpunk 2077
Credit: Reddit

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