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All Hawkmoon Feather Locations in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Hawkmoon makes its Destiny 2 debut and with it comes a new Exotic quest to find its feathers. So how do you find the Hawkmoon feathers in Destiny 2?

Speak with Spider (Tangled Shore)

To begin your quest for Hawkmoon, you’ll need to first speak with Spider on the Tangled Shore.

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After speaking with him, Spider will send you on a hunt for 5 different Hawkmoon feathers.

1st Feather (Tangled Shore)

The first Hawkmoon feather is located just outside of Spider’s lair on the Tangled Shore, collect it and you will receive the next step of the quest.

1st Hawkmoon feather in Destiny 2
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2nd Feather (EDZ)

The second feather is located on an iron balcony outside of the Hallowed Grove Lost Sector on the EDZ. Collect it and you’ll be able to move on to the next step.

2nd Hawkmoon feather in Destiny 2
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3rd Feather (Cosmodrome)

3rd Hawkmoon feather in Destiny 2
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4th Feather (Dreaming City)

The fourth feather is on the Dreaming City, starting from the fast travel point in Divalian Mists, head toward the Blind Well. As soon as you get to the big door leading into the Blind Well, look directly to your left behind the wall and there will be your fourth feather.

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4th Hawkmoon feather in Destiny 2
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5th Feather (Moon)

The fifth and final feather is going to be located in the Shrine of Oryx on the Moon. If you start from Archer’s Line and head towards the Hall of Oryx, just keep going straight all the way until the end and you’ll reach the last feather.

Archer's Line
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Hall of Wisdom
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5th feather
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Return to Crow (Tangled Shore)

Once you’ve collected all of the Hawkmoon feathers, return to Crow on the Tangled Shore and he will give you another quest step.

Collect/Generate Orbs of Power

This step is pretty simple, all you’ve gotta do is collect or generate 50 orbs of power. This can be done using Supers as well as Masterworked weapons. You could also use some “Charged with Light” mods, but Supers and MW weapons are gonna be your most reliable options.

Return to Crow again (Tangled Shore)

Going back again to the Tangled Shore to visit Crow, he then sends us back to the EDZ to complete another mission.

Cry From Beyond (EDZ)

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In this mission, there’s actually some pretty cool stuff to learn about Crow (I won’t spoil anything, but he has a bucket bathroom!)

Return to Crow again (Tangled Shore)

After you complete this mission, go back to Crow and he will tell you to Defeat Champions or Guardians in Gambit/Crucible matches.

Defeat Champions or Guardians in Gambit/Crucible matches

For this step, you’re gonna want to kill Champions. 1 Champion is equal to about 3% progress, so you’ll need about 35 Champions defeated to complete this quest step as Guardian kills will take you about 150-200 Guardian kills to complete.

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The best way I found to farm Champions was just to run the 1250 Nightfall: The Ordeal, I got about 40% progress in a single Nightfall, so do this 3 times and you’ll have it done in no time, plus you get some good loot from it too!

The Crow and The Hawk (EDZ)

After finally completing your Champion or Guardian kills, Crow will send you back to the EDZ to complete a variation of the Cry from Beyond mission, though it’s just a bit harder and with more enemies to kill. After completing this mission, you will be awarded Hawkmoon.


Destiny 2 Hawkmoon
Credit: Gamezo

Hawkmoon, previously a PlayStation exclusive Exotic Hand Cannon returning from Destiny 1 has had a couple of changes made to it, the biggest one being it can now drop with random perks after obtaining it initially. This…is pretty good, I think? I know the whole thing about Exotics is that they don’t drop with random perks, but I honestly love that Bungie is experimenting with them like this. I would love it if some new Exotics came with the ability to random roll it’s non-intrinsic perks. Maybe not all of them, but it would be cool if Exotic weapons became “farmable” since there isn’t really a reason to chase Exotic weapons after you’ve obtained them once.

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The other big change to Hawkmoon is its intrinsic perk, Paracausal Shot. Originally, Hawkmoon had a random bullet in the chamber that did massive damage, but you never knew which round it would be. In order to eliminate this RNG, Bungie has now made it the final round in the magazine does extra damage based on the number of stacks of “Paracausal Charge” (obtained by final blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon). Stowing Hawkmoon on the final round removes this bonus.

What did you think of the Hawkmoon quest? Did you think it was too difficult to find the Hawkmoon feathers? Personally, I loved it. I thought the whole thing (minus maybe the Champions) was beautifully designed and gave us an even closer look at Crow as a character. 10/10 would recommend.

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