All of the New VALORANT Agent Skye’s Abilities

On Oct. 27, players will have a new VALORANT agent to work into their game. The sentinel agent Skye is an Australian healer and hunter, creating a sort of mash-up between Sage and Sova. Her abilities include intel gathering, teammate healing and

C: Regrowth

This is Skye’s healing ability. Unlike Sage, Skye cannot heal herself after a gunfight, and instead has to focus on teammates only. There is a healing pool which Skye takes from when healing others that depletes overtime. Her heal has to be actively used like Mercy or Moira from Overwatch instead of Sage’s orb that allows Sage to return right back to fighting. This means that Skye will have to have cover if she wants to fully heal a teammate.

There are green highlights that go around the area of Skye showing you your healing radius. It is rather large and there are no kinds of movement limitations while using the heal. The ability costs 200 credits.

Q: Trailblazer

The Trailblazer is a wolf that runs out from your hands like Sova’s owl drone. Instead of simply recon however, Skye’s ability deals damage to characters and utility like Killjoy’s nanobot. It has a very limited field of view, making it hard to throw down wide open areas. It doesn’t do much damage, but anywhere between 25-50 if it can pounce on an opponent multiple times. The ability also costs 200 credits, and there is only one you can purchase per round.

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E: Guiding Light

This completes the trifecta of utility that the new VALORANT agent has. Regrowth is the heal, Trailblazer is the scout, and Guiding Light is the flash. Skye can send a bird through a hallway, and activate/control the flash manually. This does mean it moves slower than other flashes. The bird notifies the player when an enemy is nearby and can let Skye know to unleash the flash. There are three flashes that are 100 each.

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X: Ultimate: Seekers

Skye’s ultimate sends three wolves in the direction of prey. If they reach an opponent, it will cause near sight and flash them akin to Reyna’s Leer or Omen’s Paranoia abilities. This seems very good for sniffing out potential attacks or even using them on retakes. It costs six ultimate orbs, so on the lower end for the game.

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