Among Us Update Coming in Near Future Brings New Features

The developers of Among Us, Innersloth, released an update on the Steam News Hub page for Among Us recently, outlining some upcoming features that will be added to the game. Let’s take a look…

Cheating and Hacking

“Firstly, we want to be sure to talk about the cheating and hacking going on. It was pretty bad there for a bit, so Forte pushed out server changes really fast. They seemed to help a lot, but some cheats still work and now there are bugs too. There will be more server updates to fix all of this, but rushing anti-hacks is what caused the bugs, so cleaning things up is a slower process. Also rest assured that any threats made in the game are false and your devices and data are safe. If you see a hacker, ban them or find a different room.”

Credit: Steam News Hub

This is great news for Among Us players as cheating has been running rampant for some time now, and it’s good to see that Innersloth is approaching this issue with speed and severity. Unfortunately with great speed comes an even greater amount of bugs, so hopefully they’ll be able to deal with this new issue and squash those bugs quickly.

Credit: Wallpaper Cave

Small Patch

Here is a list of what the upcoming Among Us update contains:

  • Added Anonymous Voting option (all votes appear in grey)
  • Added Task Bar Modes
    • Always mode works like normal
    • Meeting mode only updates the bar during meetings
    • Invisible mode removes the task bar entirely
  • MIRA: Comms sabotage clears the security logs
  • Added symbols to fix wires task
  • Added cosmetics to meeting screen
  • Various bug fixes

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Small Roadmap

There is no official roadmap, as Innersloth says “We have lots of things planned, but no real official roadmap. We play things pretty loose so we can tackle what we think the game needs most. We also don’t want to promise anything and then not provide it so it’s a scary thing to share. Here are some of the big things we are planning:”

  • Accounts: “We’re Hoping to get accounts into the game by December. This will allow players to report accounts that are toxic and/or hacking. They may be a bit barebones at first but things like friends lists will also come at a later date after launch”

This is really good, friends lists are kind of a necessity as it’s quite annoying having to find a specific room and then make sure everyone can join separately instead of just making a party and having everyone join simultaneously.

  • New Map: “We’re hard at work on a new map (it’s Henry Stickmin themed!). This map is currently looking bigger than Polus! The map will contain plenty of new tasks and will be available free to all players!

This is also great news, players have been waiting for a new map and now it looks like they will not have to wait much longer. Innersloth also mentions that the map is Henry Stickmin themed. The Henry Stickmin games are classics for fans of StickPage, I remember playing these Flash games all the time when I was a kid, back before I even had a console or a PC to play on, these browser-based Flash games were the greatest things to happen to an 8 year old kid. So I’m very excited for this new map.

  • Translations/Localization. “The game is currently only translated into a few languages (and some of these translations are a bit rough). We’re planning on getting professional translations into multiple languages (More than we currently have, not ready to share quite which languages yet). To all the people offering to translate, thanks for reaching out, but we’ve got it under control!

This is a cool option for players that play the game in a language other than English, it’s always great to see developers being as inclusive as they can when it comes to their playerbase, so it’s nice to know that they’re working on better and more translations for the game.

  • Colorblind support. “This patch contains a first pass on colorblind support. We’ll continue monitoring it to see how it performs.”

While there isn’t really much to say about colorblind support this time around, it is nice to see that Innersloth is working on support for colorblind players, just another display of their inclusion for their playerbase.

Well, that’s all we’ve got for the upcoming Among Us update, what would you like to see in the future? Are you excited for this Among Us update? Let us know in the comments down below!

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