Animal Crossing January Update Brings Back Pavé the Peacock

Animal Crossing January Update

Animal Crossing January update will be releasing tomorrow, so it’s time to put on your dancing shoes because Pavé the dancing Peacock is back with the Festivale event on the 15th of February!

A Super Mario event is also teased for release later in March, possibly to coincide with MAR10 – a day dedicated to celebrating everyone’s favourite red-hatted plumber.

While the Animal Crossing: New Horizons January update is expected to arrive on January 28th, the Festivale event will be held on the 15th of February. This is a day before the events Carnivale and Mardi Gras are held in real life, the festivals that Animal Crossing‘s Festivale took its inspiration from.

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Credit: Nintendo

So what can players expect from Festivale? As is the norm with every Animal Crossing: New Horizons event, many new special themed items will be released during Festivale, along with a new feather catching mini-game.

As pictured above, players will be able to use their bug net to catch feathers to redeem at Pavé for a groovy reward. Players will be able to purchase Festivale themed clothing at the Able Sisters’ shop, such as a feathered headdress and glittery frocks. Four new reactions are being added: Let’s Go, Viva, Feelin’ It and Confetti, as part of the Viva Festival Reaction Set at Nook’s Cranny.

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Valentine’s Day-themed items will also be available in February from the 1st to the 14th. Through Nook Shopping, players can purchase heart-shaped bouquets and chocolate hearts.

Credit: Nintendo

Another free update is scheduled in March for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players and is teased to be Super Mario themed. This will probably coincide with the annual MAR10 Celebration by Nintendo that honours all things, Mario.

While no hints have been given as to what will be in the Super Mario event, items from Mario’s universe have been featured in Animal Crossing games in the past.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players have received Mario themed moustaches, shells, coins and pipes in previous Mario events, so perhaps New Horizons players can also expect to see some aptly themed clothing and furniture in the MAR10 update.

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