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Apex Legends: Pathfinder Origin Story Revealed in New Trailer

Apex Legends Pathfinder

The official Apex Legends YouTube channel premiered a brand new video on December 29. The video titled “Apex Legends | Stories From the Outlands – “Fight Night” details the origin story of Pathfinder, the plucky and mobile playable Legend from Apex Legends.

The nearly 8-minute long video is reminiscent of those classic noir-detective movies narrated by a detective whose nemesis is still on the run. The nemesis in question? Alexander “Caustic” Nox, another playable Legend in-game.

The security officer who was placed on duty to watch the security cameras witnesses a currently-nameless Pathfinder shoot a man in the head moments after said man drew a gun in the cafe. Pathfinder is pulled into the camera room for questioning when the security guard plugs into Pathfinder’s interface. Then he begins to replay old footage from Pathfinder’s camera-eye which shows him nothing but Pathfinder being terrible at his jobs and being fired for being too clumsy.

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The guard then sees his nemesis, Caustic, through a window that Pathfinder is cleaning in one of his previous occupations and pauses the video. He tries to rewind the footage, but goes too far back and goes through quite a few more of Pathfinder’s jobs including a weather bot, babysitter, and even a spaceship pilot.

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The video resumes at a normal speed when a woman appears claiming that “we’ve made you for a great purpose.” but the connection is lost. We then see a mobster unplugging Pathfinder from the computer as the security guard punches him in the face.

Credit: YouTube

The guard, who we now learn is named Maldera, and Pathfinder steal a ship from the Mob. Unfortunately after being struck by lightning twice, Spectors board the stolen ship as the Mob tries to strike a deal with Maldera to give him Nox in exchange for Pathfinder.

Maldera agrees and opens the doors only to be shot immediately upon the Mob’s entry. Pathfinder is then ejected from the ship and starts to fall to his doom. Luckily he grabs a grappling hook and attaches it to the ship; unfortunately he is forced to engage with another Spector once he gets his footing on the ship. After kicking some Spector butt, Pathfinder profoundly exclaims “Piss off, scablender!”

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Only after it seems that Pathfinder is finally safe is he shot by the Mob leader. Taking aim down his rifle, the Mobster is about to shoot when he is shot by Maldera, who did not die! Pathfinder is very happy that his new friend is not dead, however this happiness does not last long as they crash to the ground. Maldera rushes to Pathfinder to find that he is moments away from death; able to put aside his own needs, Maldera opts to finish the recording that Pathfinder wanted to see about his “great purpose” rather than the information he needed on Nox. It is after the short clip is finished that Pathfinder loses the rest of his energy and is then thrown into a scrapyard, where his life is eventually restored and the video ends.

Apex Legends Pathfinder
Credit: Eurogamer

Well, there you have it! Pathfinder started out as a busboy (busbot?) after which he joined forces with a man named Maldera in his search for Alexander “Caustic” Nox, previously presumed dead. What did you think? I, for one, really enjoyed this short video detailing Apex Legends’ Pathfinder and his origin story. Maybe we’ll get to see more of it later on?

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