Apex Legends Season 7: Patch Notes & Meta Changes

The Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes are just the tip of the iceberg! A whole boat-load of content has been added to Respawn’s battle royale. Here’s some of the changes below:

Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes Reveal Meta Changes

There are quite a few changes which make a fair bit of difference to the Apex Legends meta in Season 7. Below, I’ve picked out a few of the more important ones.

Firstly, Caustic’s Gas Trap and Gas Grenade no-longer blurs enemy vision. It does more damage, moving from 4-10 ticks to 6-12 ticks of damage though. This is… Huge. It essentially makes fighting back against Caustic’s gas actually possible. There is an increase in damage, but Caustic’s Gas weaponry loses a lot of it’s utility by losing the vision blurring effects.

Octane’s healing rate has doubled, from 0.5hp/s to 1.0 hp/s. This may not seem like a lot in the short-term, but the fact that it halves the healing time for Octane is huge. In extended gunfights, this could make a massive difference. The development team have expressed that he has a high encounter win rate, but a low trios win rate. So, this should help with his survivability in-game.

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The next major change is, of course, to Pathfinder’s hitbox. An issue that has plagued Apex Legends from the start, Pathfinder is just hard to hit. Again, the development team has updated his hit-box in an effort to balance him.

Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Pathfinder still has Low Profile due to the fact that he is still hard to hit, however the development team are considering removing this if his win-rate balances out more.

His Hitbox isn’t the only thing changing, though. Pathfinder’s grappling hook is also getting a few changes that should help to make movement more fluid. He doesn’t need to be on the ground for Grappling Hook to be considered finished, for one. There are also changes to cooldowns and limitations to mean that there should never be more than 35 seconds between each Grappling Hook. The amount of distance you can travel before you hit maximum cooldown has also doubled, with an increase to the speed needed before Grappling Hook is considered over also nearly doubling. All this should mean that Pathfinder is more mobile than ever!

There Are Weapon Meta Changes Too, Of Course

The big news of Season 7 is that the R-99 is returning to the regular loot pool and out of Supply Drops. The Prowler will be replacing it, with the Select-fire hop-up being removed. However, it retains it’s ability to select fire rate.

In addition to this, the Hemlok, Havoc, and L-Star all have updated recoil patterns. These should help with balancing the erratic recoil patterns these weapons had and bring a new skill-level into controlling them.

The Sentinel has increased Pure Damage, replacing it’s bonus damage vs shields. The Energized Sentinel base damage has increased from 70 to 88.

Additionally, the L-Star has a much faster recycle rate. It’s venting time has been reduced from 0.4s to 0.15s and it will now reduce faster while not overheated. It’ll take 1.15s from 99.9% to 0% if not overheated, or 2.45s if it is.

Both Evo Shields And The Ring Have Changed

In an effort to reduce the amount of players with Red Evo Armour in the endgame, Respawn Entertainment have increased the requirements to level this up.

Level 0 to 1, 100 damage is needed (from 50);

Level 1 to 2, 150 damage is needed (from 125);

Level 2 to 3, 300 damage is needed (from 250);

Level 3 to 4, 750 damage is needed (from 500).

In addition to this, the ring damage has been decreased in an effort to help players have more of a chance against it.

Ring 1, 2% damage per tick;

Ring 2, 3% damage per tick (from 5%);

Ring 3, 5% damage per tick (from 10%);

Ring 4, 10% damage per tick (from 20%);

Ring 5, 10% damage per tick (from 20%);

Ring 6, 15% damage per tick (from 25%);

Ring 7, 15% damage per tick (from 25%)

Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes Highlight A New Hop-Up: The Quickdraw Holster

Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes
RE-45 Concept Art / Credit: Art Station

This hop-up can be equipped to the RE-45 and Wingman and essentially makes them more efficient. It reduces ADS time on both weapons and reduces hip-fire spread. It should make both more effective at closer ranges and could see them being used more in close-quarters situations.

On top of all this, there is also a number of bug fixes and audio fixes which should continue to improve quality of life across the game.

For the full Patch Notes, click here: Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes

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