Armor Mod Changes Coming to Destiny 2

Forgotten Shore location in the Cosmodrome

Bungie has revealed changes coming to Armor Mods and more in today’s This Week at Bungie (TWAB) with the launch of Beyond Light in November.

New Player Experience

Bungie has previously made some big changes to the Destiny 2 experience for new players. The first step of this experience was called “New Light” and gave new players an introductory mission to get familiar with gameplay mechanics as well as get acquainted with the characters around the game. This will, yet again, change with Beyond Light.

“Starting November 10, players will start in the same way that most all of us have. A Ghost will be on the hunt for their Guardian, they’ll stumble upon you, and they’ll revive you for the first time. What’s different now is that you won’t immediately find a ship. Rather, you’ll stumble into another Guardian in the wild. Shaw Han is his name, and he’s on a mission with his fireteam to investigate what the Hive are up to in the Cosmodrome. He’ll show you the ropes, and help you find your way among the gameplay and systems of Destiny 2. 

Credit: Bungie
New Destiny 2 New Light character: Shaw Han
Credit: Bungie

It looks like we will be introduced to another world character in the Cosmodrome, Shaw Han. Since players in Destiny 1 were not introduced to this character, it makes me wonder how they will introduce him to the world and lore of the Destiny universe. Veteran players that would like to partake in the New Light quest: note that it will be available on November 10.

Mod Changes

Bungie has also announced some upcoming changes to the mod system introduced in 2019’s Shadowkeep expansion. Let’s take a look at what they have in store for us in Beyond Light (courtesy of dmg04 and his wonderful TWAB):

  • All weapon-oriented armor mods (such as Hand Cannon Loader, Fusion Rifle Ammo Finder, etc.)
    • As a result of this change, all Arc Charged with Light mods now activate their second perk if you have any other Arc mod equipped on the same armor piece, OR if you have any other Arc Charged with Light mods in any other armor piece you have equipped.
  • All mods that have an Enhanced version (such as Enhanced Hand Cannon Loader) have had the base mods’ efficacy increased to match that of the Enhanced version of the mod
    • As a result, Enhanced mods have been deprecated, and the base mods’ energy costs have been adjusted upwards slightly (but still lower than the equivalent Enhanced mods).
  • Some mods have moved to different slots to create more competition for mod sockets across armor pieces (for example, the Fast Ready mods have moved to the Arms socket).

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Raid Mods

  • Starting in Season 12, the Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, and upcoming Beyond Light raid armors will drop a fifth, dedicated armor mod socket that is exclusively for the mods related to that raid
    • Last Wish and Garden of Salvation armor acquired prior to Season 12 will not have this dedicated armor socket, but will still be able to use the mods related to that raid in the new Legacy armor mod socket.
  • Anti-Taken mods from Last Wish will only function in the Last Wish raid
  • Anti-Hive mods from the Leviathan Raid will be deprecated
  • Anti-Fallen mods from Scourge of the Past will be deprecated

Combat Mods

  • All armor released in Beyond Light and Season 12, all Last Wish and Garden of Salvation armor acquired starting in Season 12, and all Armor 2.0 Exotic armor pieces (including those already possessed by players) will have a Combat style mod socket. In Season 12, this socket will accept all Charged with Light and Warmind Cell mods.
  • All Armor 2.0 armor acquired during 8-11 have had their Seasonal mod sockets replaced with a single, unified Legacy mod socket that can socket all Charged with Light mods, all Warmind cell mods, all Nightmare Hunt mods, all Garden of Salvation mods, and all Last Wish mods.

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That’s all we have regarding upcoming changes to mods in Destiny 2: Beyond Light for now. Are you looking forward to these changes?

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