Astralis go undefeated at IEM Beijing 2019!

Astralis have won their first CS:GO tournament since the StarLadder Berlin Major, defeating 100 Thieves in a 3-0 sweep to take IEM Beijing by storm!

In short, the Grand Final was a dominant display from Astralis. The series started with the closest game with a tense 16-14 victory on Vertigo. However, the next two games weren’t close as Nuke ended 16-5 and Train ended 16-3. Therefore, the Danes were crowned champions of IEM Beijing 2019.

The Danes were unstoppable throughout the entire tournament, not dropping a single map all event! Following this flawless run at IEM Beijing, Astralis have overthrown Evil Geniuses to reclaim the World No.1 spot in the HLTV rankings!

In addition, Astralis have secured themselves $125,000 in prize money and have entered the race for the Intel Grand Slam Season Three. Now Astralis, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Fnatic are all tied with one event victory. Furthermore, they have now qualified for IEM Katowice 2020 along side Fnatic!

Moreover, this tournament was a staggering contrast from the Astralis we saw at BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2019. The Danes looked back to their very best, is this the return of the Astralis that we saw throughout 2018?

IEM Beijing – MVP:

There is no doubt who the MVP of IEM Beijing is. Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander was the clear standout with 173 Kills across nine maps with a K/D Ratio of 1.63. This is made even more impressive considering he is IGL (In-Game Leader) of Astralis, a role that is usually reserved for the player who frags the least.

IEM Beijing HLTV MVP ''gla1ve'' Astralis
HLTV MVP ”gla1ve”

Team Reviews:

100 Thieves: The former Renegades roster were playing their first tournament since signing with 100 Thieves. Certainly a successful acquisition so far. A 2nd place finish, defeating the likes of ENCE and Team Vitality, on the way to the Grand Final gives me confidence that 100 Thieves will only improve from here.

IEM Beijing, 100 Thieves
Image via HLTV

FaZe Clan: I have no idea how to rate FaZe Clan. They win BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2019. Following this, they defeat Evil Geniuses but are themselves destroyed by Astralis. We will have to see if FaZe can achieve any form of consistency over the next few months.

Image via HLTV

Evil Geniuses: EG will be extremely disappointed with their showing at this event. A 5th-6th place finish, plus losing to FaZe Clan twice will be a big blow to their confidence.

Photo via HLTV

Team Vitality: The Frenchmen looked ready for a Grand Final appearance until they ran into 100 Thieves, a team they would have been expected to defeat. Losing 16-2 on Inferno was a terrible way to end their run. We will see Vitality at ESL Pro League Season 10 (Round 2).

Photo via HLTV

ENCE: After the StarLadder Berlin Major, ENCE kicked their IGL “Aleksib”, a decision that has been heavily criticised by the CS:GO community. On October 2nd, IGL Aleksi “allu” Jalli told us to ”Give us all the hate you can. We will prove you wrong.” So far they aren’t proving us wrong. ENCE have had several underwhelming performances and tournament placings. Hopefully they will prove us wrong eventually. We will next see ENCE at the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 starting on November 21st.

Image via HLTV

In Conclusion:

Upcoming CS:GO tournaments will include the ESL Pro League Season 10, Round 2 Groups, starting from November 13-18, 2019

We will next see Astralis at the ECS Season 8 – Finals starting on November the 28th, 2019.

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