Battlefield 6 Multiplayer Maps Will Be Bloody Massive

According to reports, the Battlefield 6 Multiplayer Maps will be able to cater to at least 128 people. Tom Henderson, notorious Battlefield commentator and leaker, is the primary source of the leak. But, with the way these multiplayer games are going… It wouldn’t be a surprise.

Cover Image via u/layth_haythm on Reddit

As you can see in the tweet above, Tom Henderson has claimed that Battlefield 6 has had it’s multiplayer maps designed with 128+ players in mind. In the past, Battlefield titles have sported a 64-player maximum. This may seem like a lot, but the next-generation of Battlefield could blow this figure out of the water!

This doesn’t mean that it’s big team games only, Henderson includes in his report that the series’ standard 32v32 format will remain. This could still make for a lot more exploration with the map’s size and make vehicular and long-ranged combat all the more important. This being something that Call Of Duty doesn’t focus on as much at the moment.

Will Battlefield 6 Multiplayer Maps Size Up Against Warzone’s Verdansk? 

Call of Duty and Battlefield are always seen as competitors, despite the franchise’s differences. Could we see numerous Battlefield 6 Multiplayer Maps that match up to the size of Warzone’s map?

Battlefield 6 Multiplayer Maps
Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Map / Credit: GameTyrant

While there has not been any confirmation that a Battle Royale game mode is coming, the success of Warzone is hard to ignore. Battlefield V featured Firestorm, a battle royale mode, however it seems it never quite “took off” when you look at the competitors in the field. Battlefield 6 could well attempt to bring the next evolution of the genre to players.

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