Battlefield 6: Release Date, Alpha Information, Rumours, Leaks & More

Like any upcoming release, we’re hungry for more information. In the article below, we’ll collate everything we know about Battlefield 6, both rumoured and leaked, and confirmed. Here’s all we know…

Much like the fictional Console War, Battlefield titles always seem to have to contest with Call of Duty titles in the discourse of FPS gaming. That might be about to change, though. Battlefield 1 was a game-changer, bringing the Great War to the forefront of the genre in surprising realism and depth. Battlefield V carried on with the more-historical setting by giving fans the Second World War. Both of these are fantastic games, but where does that leave the series going forward?

Battlefield 6 is a hotly talked-about topic as we enter 2021. The next generation of consoles make for some exciting prospects if DICE continue on their path of bigger and better. But, there’s still a lot of information missing… When is it coming? Where will it actually be set? Can I still shoot a plane out of the sky with a tank? All important stuff.

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Below, we’ll collate everything we know about Battlefield 6 so far for you to look over. Rumours and Leaks will be tagged accordingly with a source if possible.

Battlefield 6
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Battlefield 6 Information

Recent Updates ;-

Soft Reboot

CharlieIntel have reportedly suggested that Battlefield 6 will be a soft-reboot of the franchise. This information also stems from Tom Henderson’s video below. (18/01/21)

Current Generation vs. Next Generation

Reportedly, the current-generation version of Battlefield 6 will be limited to 64-player modes in order to avoid strain on the older technology. Battlefield 6 on next-generation consoles could still see 128-player games. (18/01/21)

Battlefield 6 Release Date

Currently, there is no official release date information regarding Battlefield 6. EA has indicated that the launch may come in the fiscal year 2022 through a earnings report. So, it could launch anywhere between April 2021 and March 2022. ( 04/01/21 )

EA’s Chief Executive Officer has seemingly confirmed that Battlefield 6 is launching amongst the ” holiday season”, however. This would suggest a November 2021 launch, based on previous trends. ( 04/01/21 )

Battlefield 6 Base Information

LEAK – Industry Leaker, Twitter User _TomHenderson_, has suggested that Battlefield 6 multiplayer maps are being designed with 128+ players in mind, but 32 v 32 will be a standard playlist. ( 04/01/21)

RUMOUR – Reddit user u/William_Fichtner has suggested that the next Battlefield is going to have a ” WW3 ” setting and feature combat between NATO and Russia. ( 04/01/21 )

In a statement given to Gamespot, EA has confirmed that Battlefield 6 is “targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms”. There is no news as to whether it is also launching on current-gen consoles. ( 04/01/21 )

EA CEO Andrew Wilson states that “DICE is creating our next Battlefield with never before seen scale” during the latest earnings call. Playtesting is underway, with more information coming in the spring. ( 04/01/21 )

Alpha and Beta Information

There is currently no information regarding any Alpha or Beta for the next Battlefield title. ( 04/01/21 )

Grand Operations Coming Back

RUMOUR Grand Operations will now last 5 days, with each battle taking place on a different day on a different map. The winning team will have advantages going forward. For example, the winning team from Day One will receive a F.O.B. which grants them additional vehicles on Day Two. ( 04/01/21 )

War Stories Information

RUMOUR – Reddit User u/William_Fichtner has raised details of two War Stories that are coming to Battlefield 6. The first one will follow a US Army Squad fighting off Russian forces in the American Suburbs. The second will feature an undercover MI6 Agent working to stop a Russian Advance in Eastern Europe.

This is everything we know about Battlefield 6. Be sure to bookmark the post, as we’ll be updating it as-and-when more information is available.

What setting do you want to take Battlefield to next? Is near-future the answer?

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