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Beastmaster Nerf and More in Dota 2 7.29c Patch


Valve rolled out a new patch for Dota 2 (7.29c) with a few hero and item changes. While the patch features a lot of minor adjustments, heroes like Beastmaster and Monkey King received major updates.

Beastmaster and Monkey King

Patch 7.29c includes key updates for Beastmaster and Monkey King. Beastmaster’s “Wild Axes” will no longer provide bonus damage and the attack speed of “Inner Beast” is increased by 5 each level (from 10/20/30/40 to 15/25/35/45 accordingly). Beastmaster’s talents also got the following buffs:

  • Level 15 Talent increased from +300 Health Beastmaster Controlled to +350
  • Level 20 Talent increased from +30 Boar Damage to +35
  • Level 20 Talent reduced from -35s Primal Roar Cooldown to -30s

While Monkey King now has an increased stun duration from “Boundless Strike” (from 0.7/1/1.3/1.6 to 1/1.2/1.4/1.6) and rescaled cooldown for this skill as well, now instead of 22, the cooldown will decrease by one second each level (23/22/21/20).

Other Monkey King nerfs are increased night vision by 200 from “Tree dance” and Level 10 Talent being “+50% Tree Dance Vision” instead of “+400 Tree Dance Vision”.

General and Item updates

As a general update, Water Rune restore reduced from 100/80 HP/Mana to 80/80. And here’s the list of item updates in 7.29c:

  • Solar Crest: Attack speed bonus reduced from 65 to 55
  • Ring of Basilius: Self mana regen bonus reduced from +0.6 to +0.5
  • Sange and Yasha: Regen amplification reduced from 30% to 25%
  • Kaya and Sange: Regen amplification reduced from 30% to 25%
  • Sentry Ward: Stock replenish time reduced from 85 to 75

And that’s all about the featured stuff in the Dota 2 7.29c patch. There are also minor changes to a few heroes including the latest – Dawnbreaker. All of the patch notes are available on the official Dota 2 update page.