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Black Ops Cold War: Best MP5 Class

Best MP5 class

In Black Ops Cold War, the MP5 is the first Submachine-Gun you have access too. Here’s the best MP5 class to run if you’re looking to make the most out of this series staple.

The MP5 returns to COD in back-to-back years after being the strongest weapon in Modern Warfare 2019, the submachine gun is once again a solid weapon choice in Call of Duty. This iteration of the MP5 is again straight-shooting, extremely mobile, and deadly. But what attachments should you put on it to get the best possible MP5 class?

It is one of the best guns in the early game of Black Ops Cold War. The MP5’s certainly going to cause a lot of players headaches as the game goes on, barring any kind of nerf or buff to the weapon. Weapon balance in this game actually seems pretty great so far, and the MP5 can compete somewhat on the longer-ranged maps (which are too big and awful, but that’s for another article).

Cold War Best MP5 Class
Credit: Treyarch

Cold War Best MP5 Class

This is the class you want to run if you don’t care about having an optic on the gun. The SMG’s iron sights are pretty great, especially if you played with them in MW2019. This class also accounts for some flanky situations.

  • Muzzle: Flashguard 9 — 90% Muzzle Flash Concealment
  • Barrel: 9.5 Extended — +40% Bullet Velocity
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser — +15% Hip Fire Accuracy
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip — +15% Recoil Control
  • Magazine: SAS Mag Clamp — + 40% Reload Quickness, +25% Max Starting Ammo and -6% ADS time
  • Handle: Speed Tape — +10% ADS Time
  • Stock: Collapsed Stock — +10% Sprint to Fire Time

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This class brings you a few different things. The SAS Mag Clamp increases reload quickness by 40% and increases your starting ammo by 25% which helps with reloading, which can often feel like a long time if you are in the middle of an objective, without destroying your aim-in time like some of the other magazine options.

The foregrip helps keep your shot steady as well, adding 15% horizontal recoil control without the downfall of speed like a lot of other grip options have. The Muzzle is up to personal preference, as some may not like the suppressor’s damage shortfalls, the Flashguard 9 reduces muzzle flash without taking away damage.

The Speed Tape helps mitigate some problems with aim-in time, allowing you to be more open with your magazine choice if you need extra bullets as it makes your aim down sight time 10% faster. The barrel choice is made with bullet velocity in mind, so you can shoot quicker when on the flank, as it adds 40% bullet velocity.

The collapsed stock is necessary for your sprint to fire time, increasing sprint to fire time by 10 percent. This is super important in this game, especially on game modes like control and hardpoint. The MP5 seems to be again one of the best weapons in the game, so I hope this class setup helps you!

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