Biomutant: Release Date Could Be Coming Up Soon

THQ Nordic’s Biomutant might have a release date soon if reports are to be believed. Here’s all we know about the elusive marital-arts RPG…

Biomutant is one of those games that not many people know about, but has a very excited and dedicated following. Described as a ” post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable”, Biomutant is a mental-looking game. Last year’s gameplay trailer gave us a taste of what we could be doing, but I have a feeling this is just scratching the surface…

You can check it out below:

Some of you may know that the game has been delayed twice already, so any rumblings of a release date for Biomutant are very exciting. Experiment 101 originally planned to launch the title in 2019, then mid-2020, then… March?

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THQ Nordic’s Annual Report for 2020 name-drops Biomutant as a “tentpole game” that’s coming this financial year. This financial year ends March 31, because that’s how banks work? It’s being descirbed as a “release of great importance” for Experiment 101, undoubtedly because it’s their open-world debut. It’s almost a make-or-break game for the company.

Biomutant Release Date
Credit: THQ Nordic

Either way, this essentially could mean that Biomutant will be releasing somewhere between now and March 31. There’s nothing concrete yet, but these reports are usually very telling… Keep your eyes peeled.

Experiment 101 haven’t updated their release plans since the delay, however this could be to facilitate a surprise launch. It worked for Apex Legends, right?

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Are you looking forward to Biomutant, or are you saving it for a release date confirmation?

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