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Black Ops Cold War: All Multiplayer Maps

Black Ops Cold War All Multiplayer Maps

We are now over a week into the game-cycle of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. Many people have been grinding the game since its release on Friday, Nov 13. There have already been a few gun nerfs and changes to the games meta, but it seems people’s biggest initial gripe is the maps. With just eight 6v6 multiplayer maps on launch, there is a lot of frustration with their viability for competitive and the overall staleness of the maps. Here are the Black Ops Cold War: All Multiplayer Maps.


Armada (and the smaller version Armada Strike) is one of the most dynamic maps in Black Ops Cold War. The biggest problem people have is how many levels there are to it, with hardpoints happening on three separate floors of the map. The bigger version for 12v12 features three different ships you can go to, while the strike version has one big ship and a submarine in the middle.

The map is a sniper’s paradise, yet you can still get into a lot of close range gunfights in the smaller rooms of the map. This map definitely struggles from the spawn system, which flips very often and leaves you getting shot in the back while in a gunfight. This map does have some positives, swimming is actually really fun and I like the grappling as a gimmick.


Cartel is the most hit-or-miss map in the game for me. The map features two distinct levels with a river running down one side of the map. The map, set in Nicaragua, has this very annoying grass in the middle. It’s also pretty big, and finding people in non-objective heavy game modes can be difficult.

All things considered, the spawns are not too bad on Cartel. When playing Hardpoint they can be predictable. With such a large map, you can play pretty well on it as a team. There are just so many different cheesy spots that make the map a headache to play half of the time. Get spawntrapped on this map? Good luck.


Ah yes, the plane map. There’s more to this map? Really? Because it seems like the map is completely based on playing in the plane, around the plane, under the plane, on top of the plane, etc. This map struggles in it’s imbalance. The plane is the perfect spot to snipe and camp in, and often gives players a lot of headaches.

Black Ops Cold War Map Checkmate

The map, located in Berlin, is a part of a NATO special forces shutdown on a Perseus training facility which was built to practice an assassination attempt against the President of the United States. This backstory actually makes it a pretty cool map, people just play it very weird. I recommend hardpoint for this map full stop.

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This is definitely my favorite map in the game. Crossroads, set in Uzbekistan under the Soviet Union, is a missile convoy. The map in strike version is the smallest map in the game. The snowy, hilly map makes for fun times in just about every mode you can think of. The difference in level between the two opposite sides of the map makes it harder to spawn trap, and leads to an enjoyable experience.

Crossroads Cold War Map

Crossroads has a lot of playable cover, a lot of lines of sight and points where control is important. The top catwalk that connects the main buildings is where a lot of action goes down. Overall, this map is one of the best feeling maps in the game.



Garrison, located in Hanover, West Germany in the early 1980s is one of the fan-favorite maps in the game. The long bases on either end coupled with the big warehouse building in the middle, the top catwalk, and the side routes leads to a pretty dynamic map. The issue is that there is only really one lane in the middle that everything runs through.

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What I like about Garrison is that there are so many angles you can be open from that you have to be constantly moving around. A lot of different weapons are viable as well on this map. I am a big fan of this map, especially for hardpoint.


Ok, I always skip Miami. If it’s voted as the map to play, I don’t want to be in that lobby anyways. This map is comically large for 6v6 modes, and the darkness of it makes players hard to see on every angle. The map should be cut in half, there are like three or four large buildings, there is just way too much stuff on the map. Out of the Black Ops Cold War: all multiplayer maps, Miami is the worst.

Ok, rant over. The map does look nice. The palm trees are beautiful and the map gives off a Miami-vice glow to it. It’s not the best to play repeatedly, but a trip through the night streets of Miami can be nice.


Moscow, on the other hand, seems to be a good size. The map is a tad long on either end, but there is a lot to play for on the map. This map has a chaotic middle, a few windows that make for good lines of sight, and an interesting dynamic on either side of the map. The spawns are definitely the biggest negative.

Black Ops Cold War Moscow Map

Sometimes you feel like you spawn so far away from the point, or other times I will spawn behind the enemy team. As thankful as I am for the free multi-kill, it is equally as sour when it happens to you.


Ah, Satellite. The Alpha/Beta’s darling map, which many played so much they couldn’t stomach it in the full release. My experiences on this map have been pretty hot or cold. There are very interesting lines of sight I’ve never dealt with before in a Call of Duty Game.


The huge downed satellite in the middle of the map, set in Angola, is an aesthetically pleasing piece of debris to be working around, using for cover and headglitches. The middle of the map is often a cluster of players and score streaks, sticking to the left is best for those who wish to get longshots and sniper shots.

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