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Black Ops Cold War: Best AK-74u Class

Black Ops Cold War Best AK-74u Class

In Call of Duty, there is always one or two weapons in each class that rise above the rest. In the latest installment, the AK-74u submachine gun is one of these. This is Gamezo’s Black Ops Cold War: Best AK-74u class.

The AK-74u in Black Ops Cold War has proven to be one of the best submachine guns in the game. With the nerf of the MP5 a few weeks ago, the gun has gotten a lot more reps in all aspects of the game, from public matches to competitive play.

It’s a fast-shooting weapon that can be very accurate in the right hands, and with the right attachments.

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This build on the AK-74u is meant to maximize the potential of the weapon by improving bullet velocity, range and accuracy. The weapon is definitely in the top tier of weapons in this game and can be used on all sorts of maps and different situations.

This class does use the gunfighter perk, which is quite useful in public matches.

Credit: Treyarch (Screenshot)

Here are the attachments for the class:

  • Sight: N/A (Or any sight of your choice)
  • Muzzle: Spetsnaz Compensator (+12% Vertical Recoil Control & -8% Horizontal Recoil Control)
  • Barrel: 9.3″ Extended (+40% Bullet Velocity)
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser (+15% Hip Fire Accuracy)
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Speedgrip (+10% Sprinting Move Speed & +15% Horizontal Recoil Control -6% Movement Speed, Shooting Move Speed and Aim Walking Speed)
  • Magazine: 40 Rnd Drum
  • Handle: Speed Tape (+10% Aim Down Sight Time)
  • Stock: No Stock (+30% Sprint to Fire Time & -15% Hip Fire Accuracy)
Credit: Treyarch (Screenshot in-game)

The Spetsnaz Compensator is a great muzzle to use as it helps with the intense vertical recoil seen in SMGs. This is the only attachment in the class that improves vertical recoil control while being negligible on the horizontal control, which can always be corrected later.

The 9.3″ extended barrel improves bullet velocity without dropping anything else which is ideal on an already fast gun.

With the Steady Aim, the attachment helps improve hip fire accuracy, but it’s more so needed to cancel out the negative effect of the No Stock, which decreases hip fire accuracy while increasing sprint to fire time. This means bursting into a hardpoint hill or a domination flag is easier with the two attachments at hand.

Credit:Treyarch (In-game screenshot)

The Spetsnaz Speedgrip helps out with overall sprinting move speed and recoil control. It drops your overall movement speed, but how often are you not sprinting while using a submachine gun? The 40 Round magazine gives you extra bullets that you need for clearing out objectives. 30 Rounds just goes by too quickly it seems.

Using Speed Tape is pretty common on submachine guns. Improving the ADS time is extremely important for winning 1v1 gunfights, as milliseconds often make the difference in those encounters. This class overall is built for the aggressive sub player in an AR’s world.

Are you planning to use this Black Ops Cold War AK-74u Class? Let us know in the comments!

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