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Black Ops Cold War: Best Krig-6 Class

It’s been a crazy start to Black Ops Cold War weapon-balance. At launch, the MP5, AUG and M16 were essentially the three S-tier weapons. The AUG and M16 could one-burst in the right hands, and the MP5 was consistently winning cross-map gunfights against assault rifles. Then, there was about a day or two of the FFAR meta, before that was nerfed to nothingness. The M16 and AUG were balanced as well. This brings us to one of the new AR darlings: the Krig-6.

The Krig-6 is a reliable gun that does best at medium-long distances and shoots pretty straight. The iron-sights leave something to be desired for but the gun shoots a laser, and there are good class setups for both gunfighter users and those who are fine with the baseline five attachments.

For an assault rifle though, eight attachments is perfectly fine for those who want to get the most out of the gun. So for this build, I went with the gunfighter wildcard in order to get all eight attachments for the Black Ops Cold War: Best Krig-6 Class.

best Krig-6 class

The eight attachments are:

  • Microflex Sight
  • Muzzle Brake (+4% Vertical Recoil Control)
  • 19.7″ Takedown (+150% Effective Damage Range & -5% Sprinting Moving Speed)
  • Steady Aim Laser (+20% Hip Fire Accuracy)
  • Foregrip (+15% Horizontal Recoil Control)
  • 40 Rnd (+33% Mag Ammo Capacity, Max Starting Ammo and Ammo Capacity & -10% Reload Quickness)
  • Speed Tape (+10% Aim Down Sight Time)
  • Raider Stock

The most important part of a class is that it expands on what you want to do with the gun while having negligible side effects. The reason I go with the Speed Tape, for example, over the Airborne Wrap or Jungle Grip is because it increases ADS time while not compromising anything else. This is great for public matches when you want to use an AR uncharacteristically to break HP hills or sweep Domination flags.

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Treyarch (in-game screenshot)

The muzzle brake is another pick that is very much up to your own intuition. Having the slight recoil control is worth it. For public matches, look into the suppressor to hide yourself, for more competitive gamemodes, look towards the infantry compensator for more vertical recoil control even with the dip in horizontal recoil control.

Again, the iron sights aren’t my favorite, so I would recommend any sight that you enjoy. The Millstop and Microflex have been my favorite to use, but I’ve seen the cobra used to a good effect as well. Plus, you already have the class slot, might as well use it.

Treyarch (in-game screenshot)

The basic 40 round is the first magazine attachment you unlock, but it is one of the best. 30 bullets runs out quick if you aren’t careful, especially when playing around an objective. There is a 40 RND speed mag that is worth looking into as well, but the 40 rnd has no side effects to your game. It’s a key part of my Black Ops Cold War: Best Krig-6 Class.

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