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Black Ops Cold War: Best LW3 Tundra Class

In Call of Duty, there’s always one sniper that goes for power over speed. In Black Ops Cold War, a good LW3 Tundra Class will set you apart.

In every Call of Duty game, snipers are extremely important. Whether you are going for a YouTube Montage or just diving into the satisfaction of using a sniper, there are some good options in Black Ops Cold War. 

The biggest gripe people have with snipers in this game is the slow ADS time and overall one-hit-kill range. The LW3 is a more powerful sniper, but it is a bit clunky and slow at its base. These stats can be increased, but it takes some hefty leveling up of the weapon. This build will show you the ideal attachments, but when you are grinding to get there, there are some lower-tier options as well. 

Barrel: 28.2” Tiger Team (+20% Damage, +21% Fire Rate, and +60% Bullet Velocity & -1 Bullet in Magazine) (use 28.2” Extended when you first unlock the gun, use the 25.8” Rapid Fire until you get the Tiger Team) 

Body: Mounted Flashlight (+20% Reveal Distance) (Tiger Team Spotlight is ideal once you unlock it)

Magazine: 7 RND (+40% Mag Ammo Capacity, Max Starting Ammo and Ammo Capacity & -10% Reload Quickness)

Handle: Speed Tape (+6% Aim Down Sight Time) (Use Airborne Elastic Wrap once you can unlock it)

Stock: Marathon Stock (+30% Sprint to Fire Time)

Black Ops Cold War Best LW3 Class
Treyarch (In-Game Screenshot)

This class setup uses the base 5 attachments instead of utilizing Gunfighter because there are other wildcards that work better for snipers. In Black Ops Cold War, the LW3 is pretty powerful, and aiming for the chest will consistently result in one-hit-kills. The 28.2” Tiger Team is a wonderful attachment, increasing everything you need with the weapon at the cost of one bullet. 

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The 28.2” Extended is the first barrel you can use, and I would recommend using it until you can use the 25.8” Rapid Fire barrel, which should last you until the Tiger Team gets unlocked. The increase in damage will get rid of a lot of hitmarker problems, the fire rate increase is massive, and bullet velocity is super important in this game. 

Using the Mounted Flashlight is great for revealing enemies on the map. The attachment is pretty cheesy and will force a lot of your opponents to take the disc out of their console and snap it. The 7 RND magazine is simply to offset the Tiger Team’s drawback, which is the loss of one bullet. Having six total bullets in your magazine should be enough, and seven is great when you aren’t using the Tiger Team barrel.

Treyarch (In-Game Screenshot)

Speed Tape and your Stock will increase ADS time and your overall mobility. The Airborne Elastic Wrap is great, but it comes later in your level progression. Same with the Raider Pad stock, which is also ideal if you can get your hands on it.

Is this the best LW3 Class for Black Ops Cold War? Let us know in the comments!

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