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Black Ops Cold War: Best RPD Class

Black Ops Cold War Best RPD Class

Grinding for camos? Need the best Black Ops Cold War RPD Class? Look no further than below for a solid class.

Light Machine Guns often make the most players upset in Call of Duty. Getting beamed off spawn on Nuketown or any other map will make even the most level-headed players tilted. With the early days of any Call of Duty game being a rush for gold and diamond weapons, many players find themselves looking for a solid class for LMGs. 

The RPD is an iconic LMG that can be very serviceable in the right hands and with the right class setup. This is the weakest LMG in the game at its base though, one compensation is that there isn’t much horizontal recoil. This class setup should help you a lot as you grind for camos though. 

Optic: Millstop Reflex 

Muzzle: KGB Eliminator (+85% Muzzle Flash Concealment & +17% Vertical Recoil Control) (-10% Shooting Move Speed & -10% Horizontal Recoil Control)

Barrel: 20.3” Match Grade (+100% Effective Damage Range & -5% Sprinting Move Speed)

Body: Steady Aim Laser (+20% Hip Fire Accuracy)

Underbarrel: Foregrip (+20% Horizontal Recoil Control)

Magazine: 100 Rnd (+33% Mag Ammo Capacity, Max Starting Ammo and Ammo Capacity) (-10% Reload Quickness)

Handle: Serpent Wrap (+25% Aim Down Sight Time & -10% Sprint to Fire Time)

Stock: Wire Stock (KGB Skeletal when you can unlock it) (+15% Sprint to Fire Time)

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This class setup aims to increase damage and range as much as possible, even despite speed. Light Machine Guns aren’t SMGs, and the role you play on the map is completely different. Using an LMG to overlook a large area is ideal, which means increasing range is important. This means the Optic is up to your own personal preference. The Millstop just provides a clean line of sight, but more zoom might suit you better. 

Treyarch (In-Game Screenshot)

The KGB Eliminator is great for controlling vertical recoil, as the gun will want to shoot straight up if you don’t control it. The 20.3” Match Grade will aid you in range by a whole lot, it really does change everything about using the gun on the longer range maps like Checkmate, the new Mall at the Pines map, and others.

The Steady Aim Laser is good for the off-chance you have to hip fire. Look to a flashlight attachment if you really need to grind out longshots though. The Foregrip will aid you in your recoil control as well to assist you in longshots. 

For the Magazine, it’s really only something you’ll add if you go for the gunfighter wildcard. The extra 100 bullets help for spamming and it already takes forever to reload, the 10% doesn’t really affect anything. 

Treyarch (In-Game Screenshot)

The Handle and Stock combination of the Serpent Wrap and Wire Stock increase your Aim Down Sight Time while slightly increasing Sprint to Fire Time. This adds more mobility to your game and will help you with extra achievements. 

Best of luck in your RPD camo-grinding adventure. Is this the best RPD Class for Black Ops Cold War? Let us know in the comments!

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