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Black Ops Cold War: Buried Zombies Map Rumoured

We all knew there were new Zombies maps coming to Black Ops Cold War, but Buried? People seem to think it may be making a comeback in the future. Here’s all we know.

Alright, we know it’s a little bit of a stretch. But, with Nacht Der Untoten featuring heavily in the new Black Ops Cold War map Die Maschine… Why wouldn’t Treyarch lean on some of their other older properties to offer updated and improved experiences?

Twitter user @WarzoneNewz has highlighted the possibility that Buried could be making a comeback as a Zombies map in Black Ops Cold War, so I got to looking to see how plausible this would be…

You can see their tweet below:

Satellite, Cold War MP Map, Is Also Set In Angola Like Buried

This is the main thing that has players screaming that Buried might make a return.

It is a tough one though, and the hard evidence that would suggest that Buried is coming can also be used against it thanks to the PlayStation-Exclusive Onslaught mode.

Cold War Buried Zombies
Credit: Treyarch

In some leaked intel, as seen in the tweet above, there is reports of a “Dimensional Breach in Angola, South Africa”. Now, Angola isn’t in South Africa… As it’s it’s own nation. But, it’s in the southern areas of Africa so… We’ll let Treyarch off.

This statement, albeit short, can be used to both confirm and deny these rumours. Die Maschine’s narrative relies heavily on Weaver and his team exploiting the Dimensional Breaches that pop up around Projekt Endstation.

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However, with Onslaught allowing players to take on Zombies and Elites across the range of Multiplayer Maps… It could also be a larger hint to Satellite’s inclusion in and the ability to play Onslaught on it.

Satellite is also pitched to be a much more “real world” experience than Buried was. Although, Die Maschine isn’t the most realistic so it wouldn’t be impossible for them to revert back to the strange subterranean town.

Buried First Featured On Black Ops II

With Black Ops II starting with the Angolan Civil War in the 1980’s, an appearance from Angola was understandable. In Zombies, Buried is set in a buried town that was “sunk” by missiles from the Moon! Remember Moon? Hell of a map.

Anywho, there’s a “Rift” in Buried which could possibly go to the centre of the Earth… According to the Call of Duty Wiki anyway. From what we know of Die Maschine, and Onslaught, it seems Black Ops Cold War Zombies is very big on Rifts, Dimensional Tears, and the like. So… It isn’t impossible that Buried could be revisited in the coming updates…

Parts of Buried also featured in the zombies map Revelations, and in Black Ops IIII‘s Blackout Mode.

Why is this all coming up now, though? With Black Ops Cold War Season 1 just around the corner, fans are looking forward to what new content is coming to Treyarch’s Call of Duty title.

One thing that is causing controversy, however, is Warzone Integration. This aims to line-up the leveling and progression of Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War to offer a singular streamlined system.

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It’s ambitious to say the least, but could work well given the fact that every weapon from Black Ops Cold War is reportedly coming to Warzone soon.

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Do you think the Buried Zombies map is making a comeback on Black Ops Cold War?

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