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Black Ops Cold War: Complete Zombies Perks Upgrades Guide

Black Ops Cold War is out! The game is full of new features, including a revamped Zombies Perks system. Below is everything you need to know about the Perks, their Upgrades, and Raw Aetherium.

In Black Ops Cold War, the series’ popular Zombies mode is back even bigger and better than before. With innovative changes to Wall-Buys, Gear Crafting, and the Perks system… It may take a little while to get to grips with.

Thankfully, we’re here to help with this guide on Cold War‘s Zombies Perks upgrades.

In this installment, Zombies has players taking to Die Maschine to fight the undead Nazi hordes. Parts of it may seem familiar, yet a lot of it is fresh and new.

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The entirety of Nacht Der Untoten is included in Die Maschine and it really reinforces how the size and scope of the mode has developed since it’s introduction in World at War.

Every Cold War Zombies Perk & Their Upgrades

Currently, there are six perks for players to pick up in Cold War’s Zombies mode. Unlike previous instalments, there is no limit to how many Perks you can equip. So, if you can afford it… Feel free to stock up.

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Each Perk, both old and new, comes with fresh details on what they do to help with transparency and forward planning. Below, we’ve listed every perk currently available and their three upgrade tiers.

Jugger-Nog – Increased Health

At it’s base level, Jugger-Nog increases the player’s maximum health by 50.

At Tier One, Jugger-Nog also reduces status effect duration by 50%. This includes things like burn damage, or cryo damage.

At Tier Two, Jugger-Nog also improves the amount of armour Armour Plates replenish by 25%. Armour Plates can be picked up from Zombies when killed and are similar to the Amrour Plates you’ll find in Warzone. Although, it’s worth noting that you’ll need an Armour Satchel to open up the space needed to equip Armour Plates. These are a Rare Loot Drop from Zombies.

At Tier Three, Jugger-Nog increases the player’s maximum health by 100. This, as every Zombies veteran will know, is arguably the most-important Perk to have. These upgrades just reinforce this.

Cold War Zombies Perks Upgrades
Zombies Perks Upgrades / Credit: Treyarch

Speed Cola – Quicker Reloads

At the base level, Speed Cola increases the player’s reload speed by 15%.

At Tier One, Speed Cola also adds additional speed to weapon swapping. You know, if you really don’t have time to reload.

At Tier Two, Field Upgrades recharge 20% faster. This is your L1+R1 ability (or equivalent button inputs). These can also be upgraded with Raw Aetherium and when used right, prove an invaluable asset in increasing survivability.

At Tier Three, reload speed is increased further by 30%. This is perfect for those of you who prefer to use Light Machine Guns in the field.

Cold War Zombies Perks Upgrades
Zombies Perks Upgrades / Credit: Treyarch

Quick Revive – Quicker Revives

At the base level, Quick Revive does two things. One of which, you may not know about…

Quick Revive reduces the time it takes to revive an ally by 50%. This means, you only need to fill half the circular meter in order to revive them. It also reduces the time it takes to regen to full health by 50%! I know, right?! Coupled with Jugger-Nog, this could be vital in high-round survival.

At Tier One, Quick Revive also increases downed crawl speed by 100%. This only affects you while you still have Quick Revive though, but it could save those vital seconds in protecting your perks!

At Tier Two, the delay before your health begins to regenerate is reduced 50%. This means you’ll be able to take more hits more of the time.

At Tier Three, Quick Revive will heal you to full health when you revive an ally. Those close-shaves just got a little bit closer and it makes tight revives much more of a viable option.

Cold War Zombies Perks Upgrades
Zombies Perks Upgrades / Credit: Treyarch

Elemenetal Pop – Ammo Mod Additions

At the base level, Elemental Pop adds a small chance to apply a random base Ammo Mod effect to every bullet. This includes dealing burn damage, or Brain Rot (which turns Zombies into Friend-bies. Zombuddies. You get the idea.)

At Tier One, this adds this small chance to equipment damage. So, things like Frag Grenades and Sentry Guns will also have a chance to apply a random base Ammo Mod. This, in theory, could mean a Molotov could actually freeze a zombie!

At Tier Two, it reduces all Ammo Mod cooldowns by 20%. When you get stuck into using these, this is beyond beneficial as they help out a lot.

At Tier Three, it updates the Ammo Mod’s level to match the level you have it upgraded to. So, rather than it being a base modification, it’ll be a lot more powerful.

Cold War Zombies Perks Upgrades
Zombies Perks Upgrades / Credit: Treyarch

Stamin-Up – Faster Movement And Sprint Speed

At the base level, Stamin-Up increases the run and sprint speed of the player. This, along with Jugger-Nog, is one of the most important Zombies Perks to have. Why stand there getting hit when you can run away?

At Tier One, this perk also increases the backpedal speed of the player. So, this is essentially how fast you can walk backwards. It’s perfect for taking down trains and generally buying yourself more time.

At Tier Two, Stamin-Up adds an immunity to fall damage. There aren’t a load of places where you can suffer fall damage on Die Maschine, but if you’re low on health and going for a dramatic escape… The last thing you want to do is break your legs.

At Tier Three, Stamin-Up also increases movement speed while aiming down sights. Again, helpful for mowing down the Nazi Zombie hordes and keeping them at the business end of your weapon.

Zombies Perks Upgrades / Credit: Treyarch

Deadshot Daiquiri – Improved Critical Hit Chance

At the base level, Deadshot Daiquiri adds a headshot-lock of sorts. It moves aiming down sights to the enemy critical location. So, for the most part, their head. It also removes scope sway.

At Tier One, this adds the ability to deal 100% extra critical damage when the enemy is at full health. This means one-shot headshots will be viable for a lot longer in the game.

At Tier Two, Deadshot Daiquiri also increases the player’s damage against armour pieces by 50%. This is useful at speeding up how long it takes to bring down the tougher enemies you’ll face in Zombies.

At Tier Three, this Perks’ upgrade reduces the hip fire spread of all weapons. Why waste time ADS if you can spray without concern. Right?

Zombies Perks Upgrades / Credit: Treyarch

As you may have noticed, all of these Cold War Zombies Perks upgrades require Raw Aetherium Crystals. You can acquire these crystals by reaching milestone rounds in Zombies.

For example, if you hit round 10… You should earn yourself a crystal.

However, there is an increased chance at receiving more Raw Aetherium crystals as a reward if you manage to Exfil successfully. So, always be sure to at least attempt to do this. Especially if you’re trying to upgrade a certain Field Upgrade.

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