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Black Ops Cold War: DLSS Frame Rate Boost Up To 85%

Black Ops Cold War is just one game that is getting a Frame Rate Boost thanks to NVIDIA’s DLSS. This performance boosting technology results in a jump of nearly 90% on some NVIDIA GPUs.

Earlier this week, NVIDIA announced that several titles will be “getting the DLSS” treatment. This is claimed to offer unrivalled performance boosts; mainly regarding higher frame rates with higher resolutions.

Alongside Fortnite, Enlisted, and War Thunder, Black Ops Cold War is the stand-out title to receive this treatment. Many fans have criticised Treyarch’s new Call of Duty in the build-up to release for it’s outdated graphics. Maybe this will change things…

NVIDIA’s DLSS is a performance-boosting AI Algorithim that allows games to run at lower, less demanding resolutions, but be scaled up to mimic the higher resoultions.

Although the boost Black Ops Cold War is impressive… Ready or Not actually boasts the biggest percentage increase. NVIDIA suggest that it receives a 120% uptick at 4K resolutions.

Cold War DLSS Frame Rate Boost Statistics

Below, you’ll be able to see NVIDIA’s analysis of the DLSS benefits they can offer to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War players on their GPUs.

Cold War DLSS Frame Rate Boost
Credit: NVIDIA

As you can see, the DLSS reportedly increases “average frames per second” by quite a bit with DLSS “Performance Mode”.

In addition to all this, Fortnite is also getting a new custom ray-traced enabled map called “RTX Deathrun”. This came alongside the NVIDIA announcement regarding DLSS.

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DLSS may still need to be trained for each new game it is applied to, at the moment, but NVIDIA believe that the 2.0 release will change this.

NVIDIA believes that ” DLSS 2.0 trains using non-game-specific content, delivering a generalised network that works across games”. Will that be as effective though? It remains to be seen.

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