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Black Ops Cold War: Gunfight Returning In Season One

Black Ops Cold War officially kicks off it’s first season December 10. Gunfight is just one of the new features being added to the latest Call of Duty title.

Yep. You read that right. Gunfight is back!

Gunfight is Call of Duty‘s more official response to “1v1 rust” challenges. It pits two against two in a tense one-life deathmatch on a small map where there’s no hiding.

In Modern Warfare, Gunfight is first to six round wins with a win being accomplished by eliminating the other team. In addition to this, Gunfight brings fixed loadouts to the playing field to offer fairer compeltition.

These are often randomised, with both teams having the same loadout. Every two rounds, these also change in an effort to keep the game mode fully dependent on skill and alertness over the luck of getting your favourite weapon.

Cold War Getting Gunfight During Season One

Gunfight is just one of the new features coming to Black Ops Cold War, and by extension Warzone, with Season One. Below you can see the roadmap for the first season.

Cold War Gunfight
Credit: Treyarch

In addition to all of that, you’ll notice that Black Ops Cold War is also getting it’s first free map a little before December and Season One.

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Nuketown is back! Nuketown 84′ is being added to Black Ops Cold War. It was only a matter of time though, as variants of the map have featured in every Black Ops game so far. It’s like Shipment for Modern Warfare. Always there…. Always waiting…

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