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Black Ops Cold War: MP-40 Spotted, Could Be On The Way

Recently, while playing Black Ops Cold War, we spotted the MP-40. Not physically, but in a glitch that occured while swapping weapons. Is this a hint that the fan-favourite weapon is on the way?

Call of Duty titles are no stranger to including the odd out-of-place weapon in their line-ups. For example, Modern Warfare has the Kar98K. So, when I spotted an MP-40 in Black Ops Cold War recently… I got to thinking.

Is there hope for the us yet? Treyarch, please confirm. It’s also worth noting that the MP-40 appeared in Black Ops 3 too. (And possibly Black Ops IIII, I didn’t play that one!)

Below, I’ll summise what I’m talking about.

Black Ops Cold War MP-40 Glitch Explained

Alright. So, while I was playing a private Zombies match… I noticed something strange.

When swapping between my AK-47, the weapon I dropped in with, and my Green AUG, the shitty weapon the box gave me, something odd was happening with the weapon name to the bottom left of the screen.

The first image shows me with my Ak-47 just swapping to my AUG(I had to spam like ten screenshots to get the timing right!)

Black Ops Cold War MP-40
Credit: Gamezo

Then, as you can see in the second image, the weapon name is shown as MP-40, not AUG.

Black Ops Cold War MP-40
Credit: Gamezo
God bless the crop. / Credit: Gamezo

The third image shows the AUG with the correct name plate.

Black Ops Cold War MP-40
Credit: Gamezo

It only happened with these two weapons, and only in this game, so it isn’t solid proof. However, it does suggest that at the very least the weapon’s name is in the game’s files.

Recently, I have been having a lot of server issues and issues regarding the Die Maschine Easter Egg while playing. Could the inclusion of new weapons through a patch, that aren’t unlocked to players yet, be the cause of this?

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It’s hard to say, but Treyarch have a long list of content additions planned for Black Ops Cold War so maybe an MP-40 is one of those! Could you imagine dropping into Verdansk with an MP-40 and a Kar98K?

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