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Black Ops Cold War: Operator Park – How To Unlock MI6’s Finest?

Weapons aren’t the only unlockable in Black Ops Cold War, Operator Park is another unlockable you might be struggling with. Here’s how you can unlock Park… She’s a leading expert on international paramilitary organisations at MI6.

Unlike Modern Warfare, generic Mil-Sim skins are a thing of the past. Both NATO and the Warsaw Pact have two Operators already unlocked at launch. Hunter and Song make up the NATO Mil-Sim forces, while Vargas and Powers are working with the Warsaw Pact.

There are, however, a couple more Operators for you to unlock. Not only do these unlock in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer. You can also use them in Black Ops Cold War Zombies and Warzone. So, it’s worth putting the effort in.

For all the Operator unlocks in Black Ops Cold War, you’ll need to complete the relevant Operator Challenge on Black Ops Cold War. If you own Treyarch’s newest Call of Duty, you’ll already have access to Hunter, Song, Vargas, and Powers though.

Moving on… Here’s Park’s Bio to get you acquainted…

While studying as a young prodigy at Oxford, Park lost her brother to a terrorist attack. With new focus she joined MI6, and quickly became one of their leading experts on international paramilitary organizations.

Helen Park, NATO, In-Game Biography

Black Ops Cold War Operator Park Is Unlocked In Zombies

Unlike other Black Ops Cold War Operator unlocks, Park has to be unlocked in the Zombies mode.

Cold War Operator Park
Park as she appears in the Campaign / Credit: Treyarch

In order to unlock Operator Park, players will need to get successfully Exfil 3 times in Zombies.

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Successfully completing an Exfil in Zombies can be tough. It isn’t impossible playing Die Maschine Solo, although if you’re not properly equipped then you might find yourself in a tight spot. If you can, gather some friends together and plan to Exfil at Round 10 or 15. This will grant you an extra Raw Aetherium Crystal too, so there’s no reason not to go for it!

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