Black Ops Cold War: Season 2 Leaks – New Maps, Scorestreaks & More

New leaks regarding Black Ops Cold War Season 2 have revealed information about the new maps and content coming to Treyarch’s Call of Duty. Here’s all we know…

Before we begin, we should make it perfectly clear… The information below is a leak. Sure, it’s from a pretty reliable source, when looking at their track record, but it’s still un-confirmed as of writing.

Secondly, we should also note that Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is still around a month away, any information from leaks might be accurate now but could be changed prior to release.

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Anyway, let’s get stuck into it! TheMW2Ghost has been pretty accurate with his recent leaks; now, he’s stumbled on some exciting information regarding Black Ops Cold War Season 2 and has shared this excitement, albeit about leaks, with the world!

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Leaks – New Maps

As for new maps, Black Ops Cold War players are always hungry for them. Treyarch’s CoD title launched with little over eight maps, to much criticism, so there’s some catch-up to do.

The leaks suggest that both Firing Range and Summit will be returning to the franchise in Season 2. This is huge news. Both have been staple locales in Black Ops titles and fans of the series will be excited to know they may be making a comeback.

It’s worth noting though that both these maps made an appearance on Black Ops 4, too. So, it’s unsure as to how likely Treyarch would re-hash a map so quickly. But, Nuketown is there so…

Cold War Season 2 Leaks
Credit: Fandom

To counter this, Summit also got added to CoD Mobile so there’s still hope!

There’s also rumours surrounding a mysterious new map entitled Apocalypse. There’s no word on what this could mean, but given the campaign’s heavy focus on Vietnam… It would be nice to have a map in a jungle setting. Or at a Firebase.

TheMW2Ghost has also suggested that Dogs will be making a comeback as a scorestreak.

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Just the thought of hearing Reznov shout “RELEASE THE DOGS!” strikes fear in my heart, but it’s exciting to ponder on whether Dogs are a good idea for the game or not.

They are a fan-favourite score-streak, but you have to wonder whether that is due to the nostalgic light many hold World at War in?

Do you think these Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Leaks are legit? What would you like to see added to the latest Call of Duty?

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