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Black Ops Cold War: Season One Cinematic Trailer

Not long now! The Black Ops Cold War Season One Cinematic Trailer has just been released and hints at, not only, the next step for Adler and his CIA task force, but also Warzone…

The Black Ops Cold War Season One Cinematic Trailer has been released and it brings a lot of interesting things to the table.

You can check it out in the Tweet below, and then we’ll highlight some exciting parts…

In the trailer above, Nova-6 is all the rage again as a mysterious ex-KGB Agent is on the hunt for Adler… Or, is Adler on the hunt for him? The Cold War is a complicated one.

It also seems that, with the upcoming update, Black Ops Cold War is doubling down on its links to the original Black Ops game. As you can see, both Stiener and Nova-6 are once-again referenced and talked about.

Black Ops Cold War Season One Cinematic Trailer Showcases New Skins & Operators

In the trailer above, we are introduced to two new Operators. One is a woman on Adler’s CIA Task-Force… The other? Well, he has a little bit of history with Adler it seems.

Cold War Operator Adler

Below, you can see a new shade-less outfit for Adler. This could be coming in the Battle Pass as an unlockable reward? Or, it could be part of an upcoming Operator Bundle. We also get introduced to a new character, who will possibly be added as a new Operator. She is on Adler’s right, below.

Operation: Rebirth, and the long-rumoured Rebirth Island are seemingly confirmed once-again for the upcoming update.

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This is likely to bring a new map to Warzone, however… From the in-game image we see in the trailer… It looks a little small, right?

Black Ops Cold War Cinematic Reveal Trailer Warzone

Finally, we get a look at another new character… Again, unnamed for the moment. Earlier in the Black Ops Cold War Season One Cinematic, we see Adler cut out his eye as revenge for Weaver. So, that alone is enough to put him on a path of revenge against him…

A series of ARG tasks has suggested that this character might be Vikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin. With the name comes a short biography…

Stitch is Ex-KGB, with a burning hatred for both Adler and his ex-commander… Kravchenko.

“His singular drive will make him an excellent asset, and his first-hand knowledge of Project Nova will be invaluable in achieving our goals.”

Are you excited for the upcoming season? It’s due to launch December 16. Before that though, Treyarch are offering two free Operator Bundles to players. Find out about how to get them below!

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New Maps and Modes Expected for Season One

There are new maps and modes that will come in Season One. A lot of the early leaks have been shuttered, but there is expected to be four new 6v6 maps and four new Gunfight maps. This will add to the low total of maps in Cold War, as there are currently just nine maps in the multiplayer mode.

This will also add 2v2 gunfight to the game, along with the four maps. No 6v6 modes have been confirmed to be in the game, but one can hold out hope for Capture the Flag, right? The Zombies mode is not getting any new maps, but a new mode is expected. One of the new multiplayer maps coming is fan-favorite Raid from Black Ops II.

It still isn’t 100% on what modes and specific maps are coming in Season One, as leaks have not been able to reveal too much. Below is a tweet from a respected leaker, showing the new season one maps.

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