Black Ops Cold War: Season One Mid-Season Update Details

Much like Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War has received a Season One Mid-Season update. Here’s everything that’s arrived and will be arriving before Season Two…

Black Ops Cold War‘s Mid-Season update is continuing to live up to the claims of it being “the biggest year in Black Ops” history with a slew of new content for the remainder of Season One. There’s new modes, new weapons, new maps, and a new Operator in coming to Treyarch’s Call of Duty title.

Below, we’ll give you an over-view of everything that’s being added so you can keep up to date.

Black Ops Cold War Season One Mid-Season Update

Below, you can see the full line-up of what’s coming to Black Ops Cold War

Mid-Season One Update
Credit: Treyarch

New Maps

Firebase Z

Firebase Z is the name of the “all-new Zombies map” coming to Black Ops Cold War. It isn’t out just yet, but will arrive as a free update on February 4. This marks the first time a Call of Duty Zombies map has been added to every platform simultaneously and for free.

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The name Firebase Z also hints at what we could see the map include. It’ll follow the Dark Aether storyline set up in Die Maschine, so expect to see the Dark Aether portals to return.

There’s also the word “Firebase” being used, which is often used in reference to the U.S. Military’s outposts scattered across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during the Vietnam Conflict. The “Z” obviously refers to Zombies, but could we see a Vietnam-themed Zombies map?

Sanatorium & Express

In terms of Multiplayer maps, there’s a new Fire Team map coming to Black Ops Cold War in the form of Sanatorium. Alongside this, the Black Ops 2 map Express is making a return to the series on February 4.

Mid-Season One Update
Credit: Treyarch

New Game Modes Across The Board

Cranked Zombies

Gone are the days of “keeping one alive” to get the Mystery Box. Cranked has come to Black Ops Cold War Zombies and promises to keep the pace higher than ever before.

It will work similarly to the Multiplayer mode version of Cranked: Your life is on the clock, each kill adds precious seconds to it. This could prove a challenge when facing the larger enemies in Die Maschine, but we can imagine it will only really affect gameplay in the later rounds.

Multiplayer Modes

In addition to this… Dropkick and Snipers Only Moshpit have both been confirmed as just two of the several new Multiplayer modes coming to the title over the next couple of weeks.

People will be familiar with the concept of “Snipers Only”, but what is Dropkick? Dropkick is a 6v6 mode which involves keeping hold of a briefcase to score points. There’s only one on the map and the first team to score 200 points wins. Seems simple enough, right? Think Capture the Flag with one flag.

Although League Play has been hinted at, little else is know about what this might entail. Expect more information from Treyarch soon, though.

Warzone Playlists

Call of Duty‘s hit Battle Royale isn’t being left out, though! Warzone is getting a few “new” game modes too! Buyback, Armored Royale, Mini Royale, and Rumble will all be returning to Verdansk ahead of Season Two.

New Operator & Weapon

This may seem a little light in comparison to previous Modern Warfare seasons, but Black Ops Cold War is just getting started.

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The Wakizashi, a Katana-like sword, is being added as a melee weapon to Black Ops Cold War.

In addition to this, Zenya is also coming January 21! We saw her first in the Black Ops Cold War Season One cinematic trailer alongside Adler and she’s been on the NATO Operator selection screen for some time.

Mid-Season One Update
Credit: Treyarch

Are you happy with the contents of the Season One Mid-Season update? What did you want to see?

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