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Black Ops Cold War: Warzone Integration and How It Will Work

With Black Ops Cold War almost here, we’re taking a look at how Warzone integration will work and what that means for the free-to-play battle royale title.

Black Ops Cold War is launching on November 13 and a lot of Call of Duty content is coming with it. With the plans to keep Warzone running alongside the traditional multiplayer modes in both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, many have been wondering how this is going to work.

Thankfully, Activision have the answer. In their deep-dive blog post last week, they highlighted all the important information fans will need to know regarding the Warzone intergration.

First and foremost, it starts December 10. This is when the newly-intergrated Season One will begin.

In terms of ranking, players will begin their journey in Black Ops Cold War‘s multiplayer modes with an updated ranking system. This will be in a Pre-Season, prior to Season One’s launch on December 10.

Warzone Integration
Credit: Activision

When Season One launches, XP earnings and levelling will be shared across all three games. It will be similar to what you know, but means you can keep levelling up no-matter which Call of Duty title you play.

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Sadly, though… This means all Military Ranks (ie. Rank 1 to Rank 55) will be reset and synched up to the rank you are in Black Ops Cold War when Season One hits. Black Ops Cold War Zombies will also share this progression structure.

Warzone Integration
Credit: Activision

This will only affect your XP earnings in Modern Warfare and Warzone, though. Everything else, including weapon and Operator unlocks, will remain the same.

Warzone Integration – Weapons and Operators

Every weapon you’ve unlocked in Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War will be available in Warzone. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to bring your Fennec to Black Ops Cold War, though, as only Warzone represents the cross-over.

In the Warzone Weapons menu, look for visible Black Ops and Modern Warfare logos on every weapon’s menu tile so you can immediately tell where your armament originated. When you earn or unlock a new weapon in Black Ops Cold War, it immediately appears for use in Warzone.

Activision Blog

Warzone will also be sharing weapon progression with the respective games for each gun. So, if you level up a gun in Warzone that originates from Black Ops Cold War, you’ll find that it has also ranked up in Black Ops Cold War‘s multiplayer.

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In addition to this, every unlocked Operator from Black Ops Cold War will be available in Warzone at launch: November 13.

All Operators from Black Ops Cold War, along with free, earned and purchased elements, are planned to be accessible once you unlock them in a variety of ways both in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Activision Blog

This doesn’t mean people who haven’t got Black Ops Cold War will get these Operators for free. The Activision Blog isn’t clear, but it appears that you’ll need to purchase Black Ops Cold War to gain access to these Operators.

Warzone Integration – Battle Pass

Essentially, the Battle Pass system isn’t going away anytime soon. Activision have confirmed that Season One will synchronise all three experiences with one all-encompassing Battle Pass. This means that all post-launch content through this system is shared between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

There will also be three different storefronts going forward, as opposed to the singular storefront shared between Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War will both have their own unique storefronts which “most content” will be usable in Warzone. Anything that isn’t will be clearly labelled.

Meanwhile, Warzone will have a unique store offering a range of content from both Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. Again, labelling will be clear to make sure players know what they’re buying.

Warzone Integration
Credit: Activision

Cross-Title Access Will Help Keep Your Squad Together

No matter what game you are playing – or the platform you’re playing it on – access and invite your friends to join you. Cross-Title Invites allow you to invite your friends who are playing Modern Warfare or Warzone to join you in Black Ops Cold War, and vice versa, with the party leader navigating to the title everyone wishes to play. The result is more flexibility and ease in gathering your friends for a Multiplayer match, Zombies experience (in Black Ops Cold War), or drop into Verdansk.

Activision Blog

Are you looking forward to Black Ops Cold War? If so, do you think Warzone integration is a good idea?

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