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Black Ops Cold War: Who Is Alex Mason?

Black Ops Cold war sees the return of Alex Mason as a protagonist. He’s impulsive, passionate, damaged… An all-round badass. You may recognise his name, the numbers, but who is Alex Mason?

Mason, born 1933, is a CIA Operative with a past few others can attest to having experienced. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps originally and soon found himself joining the CIA’s Special Activities Division as the Cold War heated up.

Through Black Ops, players will know what happened next…

Alex Mason was part of the team, led by Woods, tasked with assassinating Fidel Castro. Ultimately, this plan failed and Mason was captured and sent to the Gulag. Turns out, he was playing Warzone a lot earlier than the rest of us. This wasn’t exactly their fault though. It turns out that the Castro they assassinated was a body double.

During his stint in Vorkuta, the Labour Camp he was sent to, Mason was progressively brainwashed in an attempt to turn him into a Soviet sleeper agent. This was all done with the hopes that Mason could carry out Dragovich’s plans to ensure the release of a deadly chemical weapon on American soil. This is where the numbers come in. We all remember those, right?

With the help of Viktor Reznov, Mason escaped Vorkuta a couple years later and found himself deployed back in the field with Woods in a series of operations that ultimately came together as a pursuit of Soviet General Dragovich. This series of operations was met with limited success. For example, they managed to extract Agent Weaver but he lost his eye in a struggle with Soviet Colonel Kravchenko.

Five years later, in 1968, Mason joined the Studies and Observations Group to investigate Soviet activity in Cambodia and Laos. This reunited him with Woods, and we now know Adler was on this team too. Through his missions with the MACV-SOG, Mason became aware of a chemical weapon: Nova 6. Originally created by Doctor Friedrich Steiner, Mason began to hunt the doctor in an effort to kill him and limit the production of this weapon.

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U.S. Forces were en route to the island to prevent Steiner’s death, bust Mason reached him first. Following this, Mason was taken into custody and interrogated by CIA Agent Jason Hudson. This is how the Black Ops story plays out largely… Through Hudson’s learning of the harrowing events that have led up to the moment Mason was captured by the CIA.

Black Ops Cold War Mason
Credit: Treyarch

It isn’t all bad though. Hudson finally managed to uncover the location of the Nova 6 stockpile. This, and Dragovich’s plan to release this devastating weapon from the Soviet ship Rusalka. So began a race against time… A race to find the Rusalka and a race to kill Dragovich.

As we all now know, they finally managed to kill Dragovich “in a spectacular display of fearlessness and quick thinking”. Now, Mason has been re-enlisted as a CIA Operative to join Adler and Woods in Amsterdam to kick off the Black Ops Cold War campaign.

Who Voices Alex Mason in Black Ops Cold War?

As the years have passed between Black Ops and Black Ops Cold War, so has Mason. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Sam Worthington is reprising his role as Mason in this title. However, fans have another exceptional talent to look forward to through the work of Chris Payne Gilbert.

Black Ops Cold War Mason
Credit: Spoiler TV

Chris Payne Gilbert will be familiar to some of you through his role as John Decker in Lucifer, Todd in 10 Items or Less, and roles in Criminal Minds, Dexter, and Chicago Fire.

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Now, he joins the cast of Black Ops Cold War and brings to life a new epsiode of Alex Mason’s exciting life.

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