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Black Ops Cold War: Who Is Frank Woods?

In Black Ops Cold War, fan-favourite Frank Woods makes a triumphant return to the field in an effort to make a difference during the Cold War. You may recognise the name… But who actually is Frank Woods?

Woods, born 1930, is a member of the CIA’s Special Activities Division and works alongside Alex Mason, Jason Hudson, and Russell Adler in covert operations across the globe.

He began his military career in the U.S. Marine Corps, fighting throughout the Korean War. He then became a member of the MACV-SOG, alongside Adler, during the Vietnam War and found himself taking part in the investigations into covert Soviet activity that unit was tasked with.

Black Ops Cold War Woods
Credit: Treyarch

Although a lot of the MACV-SOG operations remain blacklisted, fans of the Black Ops series will know at least some of what Frank Woods has been up to.

In 1961, Woods joined forces with CIA Operatives Mason and Bowman to assassinate Fidel Castro. Woods was leading the operation, which ultimately resulted in failure and Mason’s capture by Soviet General Dragovich.

In the years following, Woods found himself continually one step behind Dragovich. Despite a series of minor successes, such as the extraction of Grigori Weaver, Woods soon found himself in another life-or-death situation.

While investigating a shot-down Soviet Cargo Plane carrying Nova 6 gas, Woods and his team were captured and forced to play Russian Roulette. Bowman didn’t make it, but Woods and Mason made it out alive only to find themselves confronted with the very man they were after.

We all saw him jump out of that window, with Soviet Lieutenant Kravchenko. Both of them were presumed dead… But Woods is a born survivor. He knows that, in the end, he can only rely on one person: himself.

Who Voices Frank Woods in Black Ops Cold War?

Over the years, Frank Woods’ voice has understandably changed. In Black Ops, he was voiced by James C. Burns. However, in Black Ops Cold War Woods is voiced by Damon Victor Allen. He has a few acting credits you may know him by.

Black Ops Cold War Woods
Credit: IMdB

Allen took up the role of Spirited Congregant in several episodes of Perry Mason, alongside a number of background roles in Young Sheldon, Shameless, and Schooled. He is also a founding member of the band Shurman.

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