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Black Ops Cold War: Who Is Jason Hudson?

Black Ops Cold War sees the return of Jason Hudson, Mason’s CIA handler, to the franchise. He’s not as transparent as he seems, with Treyarch stating “of you think you know everything about Hudson… Think again”. Below is everything you need to know about him going into Black Ops Cold War…

Hudson’s military career began with hopes to emulate his older brother’s service in World War II. After serving in the 101st Airborne in Korea, Hudson found himself honourably discharged. He found his footing as an exceptional student of Psychology and Political Science at Georgetown and soon entered the CIA’s ranks.

The rest is, to submit to the cliché, history. Hudson is fiercely loyal to the CIA, and his nation, however finds himself achieving his personal goals at a cost to his personal relationships with other CIA agents and beyond.

In particular, his relationship with Alex Mason has proven to be tested… Fans of Black Ops will know why.

Jason Hudson joined the MACV-SOG unit investigating Soviet activity in Vietnam and the surrounding regions. Following this and the revelation that Stiener was developing Nova 6, Hudson found himself working with fellow CIA Operatives Weaver, Brookes, and Harris in an effort to capture the Nazi Scientist.

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Stiener, on Rebirth Island, traded information on Dragovich for his own life, “knowing his days were numbered”. This led to Hudson and Weaver undertaking the desperate mission to extract the man alive. As we now know, Mason arrived first and killed Steiner. From his point of view, Reznov was the true assailant but Hudson saw things in a different light…

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This led to an intense interrogation in which Hudson unpicked the unravelling strands of Mason’s consciousness and the truth of his brainwashing. The two worked together, using subconscious information uncovered in Mason’s mind, to hunt Dragovich and stop the Soviet Ship Rusalka from launching a deadly Nova 6 payload.

Now, Hudson has called upon his old colleague Russell Adler to form an elite team of CIA Operatives to hunt the legendary Perseus. Hudson may not trust Adler fully, but he believes he has the commitment to see their task through to the end. Whatever it takes.

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Who Voices Jason Hudson in Black Ops Cold War?

Alright. So, it’s been ten years… Things have changed. Hudson is older and, as a result, sounds different. Sadly, the incredible Ed Harris is reportedly not returning to the role in Black Ops Cold War. Instead, fans will be treated to the talents of Piotr Michael.

Black Ops Cold War Hudson
Michael @ Wondercon 2019 / Credit: IdeateTV

Michael’s voice may seem familiar to some of you, though. He was the voice of Rufus in Bill & Ted Face The Music, Phineas Welles in The Outer Worlds, and provided voice work for Reznov in Black Ops 4!

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