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Black Ops Cold War: Zombies Field Upgrades Guide

In Black Ops Cold War Zombies, Field Upgrades are useful tools than can help help you out in a number of ways. You can bring one of them with you into Die Maschine, but which one should you pick? We’re here to help you decide with our Cold War Zombies Field Upgrades guide.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies has brought a whole load of fantastic features to the tried-and-tested Zombies mode. Treyarch have kept the core of the mode the same, perfectly encapsulated in the map Die Maschine, but they’ve also ramped things up for the next-generation.

Alongside Perk upgrades, randomised weapon attachments, and Tiered Pack-A-Punching, Cold War Zombies has added Field Upgrades to the mix.

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Players can activate your Field Upgrade by hitting L1+R1, or your platform’s equivalent, when you’ve charged it up to unleash these new abilities on your foes. This includes a Ring of Fire, and a mysterious Aether Shroud.

Below, we’ve detailed every Field Upgrade available at launch and what they’re useful for.

Cold War Zombies Field Upgrades

Frost Blast – Short Range Freeze

At Tier One, Frost Blast’s duration is increased another three seconds.

At Tier Two, Frost Blast will have two maximum charges.

At Tier Three, the size and damage dealt by Frost Blast is doubled.

Frost Blast creates a rigid blast of wind that freezes and slows enemies caught in it. Much like the Cryofreeze Ammo Mod, enemies suffering from Frost Damage will also take more damage. This is useful in slowing down hordes and initiating attempts at clearing them out.

Credit: Treyarch

Energy Mine – Cosmic Landmine

At Tier One, Energy Mine has two maximum charges.

At Tier Two, the blast radius of the Energy Mine is doubled.

At Tier Three, the Energy Mine will detonate twice in rapid succession.

These are great to drop if you’re running a train, or if you need to cover your back. They’re not as all-encompassing as a Monkey Bomb or a C4, but they can be useful in keeping the enemies off of your back.

Cold War Zombies Field Upgrades
Credit: Treyarch

Aether Shroud – Aether-Fuelled Escape

At Tier One, activating Aether Shroud will instantly reload ammo for your equipped weapon.

At Tier Two, the duration of the Aether Shroud is increased to 8 seconds.

At Tier Three, activating Aether Shroud immediately warps you forward a small distance.

Aether Shroud is the ultimate Field Upgrade if you’re playing solo. It hides you from enemies and, when upgraded, can be vital in any escapes you may need to make. It unlocks pretty late though, but it’s worth having when you can.

Cold War Zombies Field Upgrades
Credit: Treyarch

Healing Aura – Supportive Beams

At Tier One, Healing Aura will also give players an additional regenerative healing effect that lasts for ten seconds.

At Tier Two, the Healing Aura beam knocks down normal enemies and stuns Special and Elite enemies.

At Tier Three, the Healing Aura beam revives downed allies.

This is the perfect support Field Upgrade that at least one of your team should have when dropping into Die Maschine. When upgraded, it can prove invaluable protection in higher rounds and keep everyone on their feet. At it’s default level, it still heals everyone to full health!

Cold War Zombies Field Upgrades
Credit: Treyarch

Ring of Fire – And it burns, burns, burns!

At Tier One, Ring of Fire’s burn effect damage is doubled.

At Tier Two, the Ring of Fire blocks enemy projectiles.

At Tier Three, players will use ammo from their stockpile rather than their magazine if they’re inside the Ring of Fire.

Ring of Fire is a fantastic Field Upgrade and understandably the highest one on the unlock tree. Using it creates a ring of ethereal fire that boosts damage for you and your allies. When inside, that is. Normal enemies also get a burning effect when they enter. The ring itself lasts 15 seconds.

Cold War Zombies Field Upgrades
Credit: Treyarch

There’s currently five Field Upgrades available in Cold War Zombies, however more may be added in the future. What would you like to see?

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