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Black Ops Cold War: Zombies Music Easter Egg Guide

Black Ops Cold War Zombies brings another hidden Music Easter Egg to the table. Much like the others, it involves finding hidden items around Die Maschine. Here’s everything you need to know in order to get the Cold War Zombies Easter Egg.

Much like the Zombies maps of the past, the Cold War Zombies map Die Maschine has a Music Easter Egg for you to complete alongside all the other objectives.

In order to complete this Music Easter Egg, all you’ll need to do is find the three hidden tapes around the map in any particular order.

When the Third Tape is collected, the Music Easter Egg will begin and the song will be triggered automatically.

Cold War Zombies Music Easter Egg Tape Locations

Firstly, the first tape is located beneath Pack A Punch in the depths of the Particle Accelerator. You will be able to find it on top of one of the machine units that are about eye-level. It will be around the corner on the right if you’re looking at the Mystery Box Location.

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The second Tape can be found opposite Doctor Vogel’s computer in the Medical Bay. It will be on the bottom shelf of an open shelving unit.

Credit: TheGamingRevolution

The third Tape is located in the “Living Room” area of Nacht Der Untoten. It will be on a shelf within a toppled fridge. It’s a little dark, but here’s the location on the Mini Map.

Cold War Zombies Music Easter Egg
Credit: TheGamingRevolution

Please note, there is no indication given for LOOKING AT or PICKING UP the hidden Tapes. You can see them, but they are different from the other items available in Die Maschine’s larger Easter Egg.

The Easter Egg song is called Alone by Kevin Sherwood, with vocals by Clark S Nova. Sherwood was behind the original Black Ops Zombies Soundtrack released 2011 and helped compose much of Black Ops IIII‘s soundtrack.

Nova provided vocals for two songs for Mob of the Dead. Carrion and We All Fall Down both featured in Black Ops II.

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