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Black Ops Cold War: Zombies Split-Screen Is Online Only

In Black Ops Cold War, you might be wondering how to tackle Zombies in split-screen. It’s been a staple for a lot of the past entries, so here’s how you do it.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies is the next thrilling installment in the franchise’s undead-themed game mode. In this one, you’re taken back to Nacht Der Untoten on a mission to uncover the exciting cause of global anomalies.

Die Maschine isn’t just Nacht Der Untoten, though. The fact that it contains the original map in its entirety within is a testament to how the series has grown in scope and size over the years.

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You’ll hear the familiar voice of Weaver as handler of your strike team, mixed in with a whole host of new characters.

How To Play Cold War Zombies in Split-Screen?

Firstly, you’ll need yourself and a mate and two controllers. That’s the easy part.

Secondly, you should see a little message under your Party list. It’ll read “Splitscreen: Add controller, press (X) to join”.

Credit: Treyarch

When you do this, it will prompt you to sign in to another PSN Account on your system.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot play split-screen Zombies on Cold War without two PSN Accounts.

I know, I know. Believe me, I tried and I don’t understand why other outlets are suggesting you can. It works on Multiplayer Custom Games, but there is no option for this on Zombies.

Below, you can see the two options available: Public, or Private.

Cold War Zombies Split-Screen
Credit: Treyarch

When you select match options, the only option you can change is the Round Limit from Endless to Round 20, much like the public playlists.

I even tried to trick it, signed in as a Guest and pressed (X) as the lobby was preloading. Sadly, this is the response…

Cold War Zombies Split-Screen
Credit: Treyarch

Yep. Sadly, that is just me dropping into a Die Maschine match alone.

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