BLAST Cracks Down on Coaches With New Rulebook Changes

The news comes as no surprise, as Tournament Organisers such as BLAST have turned their eyes towards Counter-Strike Coaches, following a scandal related to the abuse of a spectator-bug that’s been kept under wraps for years and has been finally brought to light and penalized by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) and Valve Software itself.

Robert Mulgan, Team Esports Operations Manager at BLAST, announced today on Twitter that two new rules aimed to assure more transparency have been added to the rulebook over the weekend.

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All coaches will now be obliged to stream their perspective of every single match they attend to a Discord channel provided by the Tournament Organiser. Coaches will also have to comply with having an additional anti-cheat software running on the background, recording logs and screenshots during live games.

The name of the software is MOSS and it has been created in 2010, supporting a plethora of other video games. Some of its features include taking automatic screenshots, detecting macros and logging all changes made to the game files.

Coaches will now be required to run an additional anti-cheat and stream all their matches, as per the new BLAST rulebook

‘Although this isn’t a perfect system its a fantastic step forward in improving the integrity of online games, and will give us more evidence if we need to review cases’ declares Mulgan.

This comes at a time when the ESIC is still to provide its final report on their spectator-bug investigation, that has resulted in the sanction of 37 coaches from various tiers of competitive Counter-Strike.

Aleksandr ‘zoneR’ Bogatiryev was the biggest offender involved in this scandal, being banned by 36 months. However, this didn’t stop ForZe eSports from signing the Russian coach as part of the coaching staff for their academy team, resulting in a significant amount of backlash towards the organisation.

BLAST Premier Fall Series starts today, with the opening round of Group A, and will deliver the highest level of Counter-Strike all the way until November 4th.

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