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BLAST NEOM Partnership Over Amid Pressure

Much like the controversial LEC x NEOM Partnership, the BLAST NEOM Partnership was met with controversy from both internal and external sources. Now the BLAST NEOM Partnership is over! This was apparently a mutual agreement.

BLAST is a Danish Esports Company which operates professional CS: GO Leagues in North America and Europe, primarily. NEOM is a Saudi Arabian mega-city that hopes to be the future of humanity. It’s a match made in heaven, right? Well, no. 

NEOM may seem ludicrously amazing, but in reality, it’s a problematic project. NEOM is being constructed on land partly owned by the Huwaitat Tribe. They appear to be lethally enforcing a forced eviction from NEOM, too. On top of all this, Saudi Arabia’s apparent lack of LGBTQ+ rights has led to criticism from a lot of people. You can read all that in our article on the LEC NEOM Partnership, which has subsequently ended.

BLAST NEOM Partnership
Credit: The Guardian

BLAST NEOM Partnership Was A Record Deal For Company

It is a little sad that BLAST has had to pull out of the deal given its importance to the smaller organisation. However, it is the obvious right decision. BLAST has been under fire from external and internal sources since the Partnership was announced July 28.

When it was announced, BLAST’s Partner Teams largely stayed silent publicly amidst the outrage. However, it has been reported that many of them voiced their concerns in private. Jason Lake, CEO of Complexity, reported that the Partner Teams were not made aware of the deal prior to its announcement. 

It took two weeks, as opposed to the mere day that it took the LEC… But it’s a step in the right direction. 

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