BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen – Day One Recap

Cloud 9 vs Ninjas in Pyjamas – (Map Overpass)

WINNER: NIP – Final Score, 16-6

On to the first game of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen. We have Overpass, a brave choice by NIP, as this is the strongest map pick of Cloud9. This was the LAN debut of ”Subroza”. Cloud9 managed to take a frantic pistol round, then took a 3-0 lead.

The rest of the T-Side was a disaster for Cloud9, losing the next twelve rounds straight with the half ending 12-3 to the Swedes. NIP won the follow-up pistol and took the score to 15-3. Cloud9 managed to win the next three rounds before the Ninjas put the last nail in the coffin, ending it 16-6.

PLAY OF THE GAME – twitch.tv/UnsightlyGloriousSandwichKappaPride

For instance Lerkr0 BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen
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Astralis vs FaZe Clan – (Map Inferno)

WINNER: FaZe – Final Score, 16-2

Now this was unexpected! Major Champions Astralis getting destroyed 16-2 by FaZe who have recently lost online matches to the likes of BIG and Virtus Pro! ”Niko” and his troops managed to win 16 consecutive rounds on Inferno after the Danes took the pistol round and the anti-eco.

Astralis had no answer to the rock solid defense of FaZe Clan and continues to struggle on home turf. Olofmeister was back to his best this game, looking very strong with the AWP. In addition, he ended with a KD of 21 – 5. (+16)

PLAY OF THE GAME – twitch.tv/FrailSmokyDeerPicoMause

However BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Olofmeister
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Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere – (Map Dust 2)

WINNER: Navi – Final Score, 16-14

After Natus Vincere finished last at Starseries Season 8, they needed to get back on track, and boy did they! However, this game was the ”electronic” show! 38 Kills! 18 more than ”s1mple”! After an 8-7 half, Team Liquid managed to secure a 13-7 lead. Having said that, this was when ”electronic” came to life, driving Navi forward to the 16-14 victory!

Despite the best efforts of ”EliGE’‘ and ”Twistzz”, Team Liquid fell just short. However ”Stewie2K” will be very disappointed with his performances, only managing 10 kills in 30 rounds.

PLAY OF THE GAME – twitch.tv/OilyRichHorseCoolStoryBob

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Electronic
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Natus Vincere vs FaZe Clan – (Map Nuke)

Winner: FaZe Clan – Final Score, 16-9

FaZe Clan prove that beating Astralis was no fluke, picking up their second victory at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen. Natus Vincere started on the CT-Side and pushed forward to take a 5-0 lead to begin the game. Thankfully for FaZe, they managed to recover from their rocky start to end the half 8-7 in their favour, a very impressive feat on Nuke.

Once FaZe Clan switched over to CT-Side, they took complete control over the game, only dropping two rounds all half. In the end, the game ended 16-9. Yet again, FaZe looked very impressive. They look like a completely different team than what we have seen at recent events and in online games. The real question is whether ”Niko” and his teammates can use this momentum to propel themselves into the Grand Final.

PLAY OF THE GAME – twitch.tv/FairSmilingGarbageNomNom

Coldzera BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen
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Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas – (Map Overpass)

Winner: NIP – Final Score, 16-7

Like FaZe Clan, NIP similarly ended Day One with a 2-0 record. It was a dreadful start for Astralis, as they once again struggled on their T-Side, losing the first 12 rounds of the game! The Danes managed to pull back the score to 13-7. However, their comeback would be short-lived as the Ninjas quickly finished them off.

The real question is what is going on with Astralis? Fans online have started to called it the “Copenhagen Curse”. For three years in a row, Astralis have struggled in their home country. After this 0-2 start, the Danes will need to win all of their remaining games and hope other results go their way if they hope to reach the Grand Final!

PLAY OF THE GAME – twitch.tv/CorrectRacyKoupreyCurseLit

f0rest BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen
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Team Liquid vs Cloud9 – (Map Inferno)

Winner: Team Liquid – Final Score, 16-4

To round out the day we have the battle of the North American teams! Although it wasn’t much of a battle, as Liquid were in complete control throughout the entire game.

They made quick work of Cloud9 and romped to a 13-2 lead with a strong CT-Side performance. The game ended soon after. ”Stewie2K” put in a great performance, picking up 24 kills!

PLAY OF THE GAME – twitch.tv/ProudAlertDragonflyKeepo

Twistzz BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen
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Day One Conclusion:

I, for one, would never have envisioned FaZe Clan and NIP being on top after Day One. Astralis still have to play Team Liquid and Natus Vincere! If they are to make the Grand Final and play in front of their 12,000 fans, they will need to play significantly better Counter Strike, especially on their T-Side.

Cloud9 look like they’re out of their depth, and it looks like ”Daps” still needs more time to develop this team. Navi looks much improved from their showing in StarSeries Season 8. Team Liquid are difficult to place; they destroyed Cloud9, although that doesn’t say much. Nonetheless, they looked very shaky against Natus Vincere. I don’t expect them to make the Grand Final, but I reckon they will be appear in the BLAST Pro Stand Off!

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Leaderboard Day One
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The Grand Final of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen will start on November 2, 2019 – 19:00 CEST!

You can watch the Grand Final at twitch.tv/blastproseries


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