Borderlands 3 Voice Actors – Who’s Who, Vault Hunter!

Hey, where have I heard that name before? Good question. Here are the main Borderlands 3 Voice Actors and what they’ve been in. 

Do you ever find yourself in an argument with someone about ‘that guy’ from ‘that one show’? Yeah, us too. Well, if this happens to be about Gearbox’s Borderlands 3, then fear no more! This article will hopefully help you win those debates by listing all the main Voice Acting appearances in Borderlands 3 and where else you may have seen them!

Borderlands 3 Voice Actors – The Playable Four

FL4K – SungWon Cho

Where you might have seen them:

  • Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (2017-2018)
  • Red vs. Blue (2018)
  • Anime Crimes Division (2017-2018)

Full IMDb Page – SungWon Cho IMDb

Moze – Marissa Lenti

Where you might have seen them:

  • Marvel Avengers Academy (2016)
  • Attack On Titan (2015)
  • RWBY (2016-2019)

Full IMDb Page – Marissa Lenti IMDb

Zane – Cian Barry

Where you might have seen them:

  • Nina Forever (2015)
  • Doctor Foster (2015)
  • A Royal Winter (2017)

Full IMDb Page – Cian Barry IMDb

Amara – Zehra Fazal

Where you might have seen them:

  • Apex Legends (2019)
  • Lost In Space (2019)
  • She-Ra and the Princess of Power (2019-2020)

Full IMDb Page – Zehra Fazal

And Everyone Else…

When you look through those below, a few might stand out. For example, Ice- T is ridiculously famous. He’s a rapper, songwriter, actor, producer, and author. You also have Ashly Burch in there, known for countless VA performances, arguably one of the biggest being Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Martha Harms is the current voice of Officer Jenny in Pokemon, and Chris Hardwick is the charismatic host of Talking Dead!

Tyreen – Elisa Melendez

Full IMDb Page: Elisa Melendez IMDb

Troy – Max Mittelman

Full IMDb Page: Max Mittelman IDMb

Vaughn – Chris Hardwick

Full IMDb Page: Chris Hardwick IMDb

Balex – Ice-T

Full IMDb Page: Ice- T IMDb

Maya – Martha Harms

Full IMDb Page: Martha Harms IMDb

Lilith / Particia Tannis – Colleen Clinkenbeard

Full IMDb Page: Colleen Clinkenbeard IMDb

Mordecai – Jason Liebrecht

Full IMDb Page: Jason Liebrecht IMDb

Zer0 – Michael Turner

Full IMDb Page: Michael Turner IMDb

Brick – Marcus M. Maudlin

Full IMDb Page: Marcus M. Maudlin IMDb

Tina – Ashly Burch

Full IMDb Page: Ashly Burch IMDb

Marcus – Bruce DuBose

Full IMDb Page: Bruce DuBose IMDb

Rhys – Ray Chase

Full IMDb Page: Ray Chase IMDb

Sir Hammerlock – J. Michael Tatum

Full IMDb Page: J. Michael Tatum IMDb

For a full list of the Borderlands 3 Voice Actors, check out the IMDb page here: Borderlands 3 IMDb

Borderlands 3 Voice Actors
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