Bravely Default 2: Best Job Combos

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Bravely Default 2 uses a job system, where characters can switch between character classes, such as mages or sword fighters. Bravely Default 2 allows you to assign a sub-job, which allows the character to use abilities from it while still assigned to its primary job. Here are some of the Bravely Default 2 best job combos. Spoilers for the late game jobs.

Berserker + Monk

This is a fun, high-damage combination that makes use of the Berserker’s and Monk’s powerful abilities without the drawbacks of consuming HP from the Monk’s abilities. What makes this great is that it’s available quite early on, near the end of Chapter 1.

Bravely Default 2 Best Job Combos
Credit: Square Enix

The idea is that you activate Vent Fury, which inflicts Berserk on yourself. This boosts your attack by 50%, but also reduces your defense by 30% and will automatically force your character to use the Attack command.

However, when given the Free-for-All ability, the Berserker will instead randomly select between the Attack command or any of its damaging main or sub abilities at no cost. Monk has some of the highest damaging abilities in the early game, but this set up allows you to bypass the HP and even BP costs of them.

If you have Berserker job level 12, you will also unlock Rage and Reason, which will occasionally allow you to select any command at no cost while still benefiting from Berserk status.

Drain Attack is there for healing from regular attacks, while Defensive Offense is to counteract the defense drop from Berserk, but you can swap these out for abilities that your prefer. Dual Wield gives an extra damage boost and Auto Guard for more defense, but these abilities are much later in the game.

Shieldbearer + Vanguard

This combo gives your party an actual shield to hide behind. By stacking Dual Shields and defensive abilities on the Shieldbearer, you get a full-on tank that can take the hits for your party while generating BP that you can give by using the Vanguard sub-job.

Bravely Default 2 Best Job Combos
Credit: Square Enix

You will need Shieldbearer to be max level to make the most out of this. The general strategy is that you use Defender of the People. If anyone from your party gets targeted, your Shieldbearer will take the hit, negating much of the damage with its high defenses while generating BP (and MP) at the same time.

You can then use Gift of Courage to transfer those BPs to your allies. This is where Sub-Job BP Saver comes in, as it reduces the cost to 0.

The downsides to this are that this does nothing to protect against attacks that target the whole party and that the Shieldbearer can’t deal any meaningful damage on its own. You can swap Vanguard sub-job with Swordmaster, and instead of providing your team with BPs, he/she can counter back with Fluid Stance.

Phantom + Salvemaker

Let’s get into the more ridiculous of the best job combos in Bravely Default 2. At level 12, Phantom gains a Speciality that guarantees any chance-based effects to occur at the cost of 40 mana. This is where Salvemaker comes in.

Using Salvemaker, you can use Compounding to make status bombs to guarantee Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, or other effects. When they are afflicted, Rewarding Results kicks in, allowing you to take another action.

Bravely Default 2 Best Job Combos
Credit: Square Enix

This means that if an enemy doesn’t resist status effects, you can afflict them all sort of effects in one turn. Since lots of bosses are vulnerable to status effects, this is an incredibly busted combination.

The MP Regen is there to negate some of the MP costs for activating Results Guaranteed, as every time the turn resets from Rewarding Results, MP Regen activates. As for the other abilities, you are free to add in whatever your feel like.

This combination can trivialize the game, however. I tried this on several bosses and they couldn’t take even a single action. Sometimes, when they could move, they had already been drained of MP from Contagion, and were almost useless because of it.

Bravebearer + Thief

I found using the Thief sub-job to work really well with Bravebearer. By using Sub-Job Speciality 2 to activate the Thief’s 2nd Speciality, you remove the BP costs from the Bravebearer’s Equalize and BP Bump abilities, using mana instead.

This means that your party can frequently go to negative BP every turn and Bravebearer can simply reset them back to 0 (or more) without using the his/her own BPs.

Bravely Default 2 Best Job Combos
Credit: Square Enix

MP Saver is there for obvious reasons since you’ll be spending them instead of BPs, while Dual Wield is for increased damage. Defensive Offence and Maximize HP are simply defensive abilities but Maximize HP is there to drastically increase the damage from Gigagravity, which deals AoE damage equal to 75% of your current HP.

If you have a max HP of 19,998 you can do enormous damage. With the Thief sub-job, you also have access to Godspeed Strike, which deals damage based on your speed, and Bravebearer is tied in highest speed alongside Thief and Phantom.

You can swap out Defensive Offence for Surpassing Power to exceed the 9,999 damage cap. And if you manage to receive Sword of Light (which grants all of Bravebearer’s passive abilities when equipped), you can get rid of Sub-Job Speciality 2.

Any Job + Hellblade

Now we get to one of the cheesiest (and in my opinion, the actual best job combo in Bravely Default 2) set up. The only necessary set up for this is the abilities: Surpassing Power, HP/MP Converter, and Across the Board. The sub-job is Hellblade, while the main job can be anything with high a HP stat (Freelancer with lots of jobs mastered, Beastmaster with tons of monsters captured, or Bravebearer).

Bravely Default 2 Best Job Combos
Credit: Square Enix

The key to this build is Ultima Sword, sacrifices all MP to inflict damage based on how much MP was used. When you use it with 999 MP, you will deal 29,970 damage if you remove the 9,999 cap with Surpassing Power.

Credit: Square Enix

However, if you use the HP/MP Converter, you instead use HP instead of MP to cast spells. So, Ultima Sword will consume 9,998 HP (leaving you at 1 HP) instead of 999 MP. But Ultima Sword still treats HP as equal to MP, so when calculating the damage, it will calculate it as if you had just spent 9,998 MP, which is far beyond the MP limit.

What does this mean? It means you can easily reach the hard damage cap in the game, dealing 99,999 damage in one go, which is enough to kill almost every end-game boss. With Across the Board, you can make Ultima Sword multitarget, and you can deal 99,999 on each enemy.

Credit: Square Enix

Yeah, it’s insane, and it’s why it’s considered a “cheesy” strategy. You don’t even need 9,999 HP to reach the hard damage cap. You should only need 3,334 HP to reach the cap. Just remember that after using it, you’ll be left with 1 HP, but it mostly won’t matter since only the really endgame bosses can survive it.

And there you have it: some of the best job combos in Bravely Default 2. Of course, there are many other job combinations in the game. We recommend you experimenting with them yourself, as discovering builds yourself is really half the the fun.

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